The ultimate solution to reflective cracking and road surface deformation.

The Highways Agency and local authorities spend millions of pounds on repair and maintenance work every year. Despite this, on difficult sites the same problems continue to recur, often within months of the work being completed.

To meet this challenge Tarmac has developed ULTILAYER, a high performance asphalt provides enhanced resistance to reflective cracking and road surface deformation. A proven alternative to conventional bituminous road surfacing materials, ULTILAYER combines outstanding flexibility and strength to deliver long-term durability, even on the most difficult sites where conventional materials have failed.



  1. Ultimate Speed

    The range includes a single layer solution to replace surface and binder courses thereby reducing construction time.
  2. Ultimate Convenience

    Faster construction times keep busy roads moving, minimising disruption to road users.
  3. Ultimate Value

    Shorter construction time reduces programme costs, and there’s no need for expensive geotextiles.
  4. Proven Performance

    Proven crack resisting performance on some of the UK’s busiest and most problematic roads, including Oxford Street in London. Very strong, yet highly flexible, it is able to withstand the pressure of constant heavy traffic and compensate for movement in underlying concrete layers and the ground beneath the road.

  5. Improved Durability on Roundabouts

    10mm ULTILAYER has a proven record of use on heavily trafficked roundabouts to resist pavement deformation and premature wear. For more details on specific schemes, see the case studies below.

  6. Ultimate Sustainability

    Potential to reduce the depth of reconstruction and the associated volume of overall construction materials, thereby contributing to sustainability at source. ULTILAYER is also designed to be more durable than conventional materials making it a more sustainable long-term solution.

  7. Ultimate Support

    At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. ULTILAYER is only available for installation by accredited contractors who have full access to our expert training, advice and technical support or by our own expert Contracting division. This ensures it is laid to the highest industry standards.


  • Urban roads
  • Housing Estates roads
  • Rural roads
  • Roundabouts

Case studies


ULTILAYER Culverhouse Cross Roundabout - A48, South Wales

Ultilayer provided the ideal long term surfacing solution for this busy roundabout at Culverhouse Cross, on the boundary of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.


ULTILAYER - A307 Kingston Upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames was one of three London Boroughs awarded funding to improve its cycle infrastructure. Ultilayer helped the surfacing contractor to keep road closures and delays to a minimum, while delivering long term value.


ULTILAYER A200 Tooley Street London

The A200, Tooley Street runs between London Bridge and Tower Bridge on the Southbank of the River Thames. The project was critical to Transport for London (TfL) due to the volume of traffic and the impact on public transport. Using Ultilayer reduced road closures and disruption on this critical route and resulted in considerable cost savings for the client.


ULTILAYER Edinburgh case study

The busy bus lane on the Dalkieth Road, one of the main routes into Edinburgh, required resurfacing. The existing hot rolled asphalt (HRA) surface was showing signs of cracking and beginning to fail. The new surface would need to withstand constant impact from buses and deliver long term durability to avoid future failure and maintenance requirement. Using Ultilayer allowed work to be completed quickly, in just one night shift and reopened with minimal disruption to this important public transport route.

ULTILAYER Western Avenue, Dorset

The client required a cost-effective surfacing solution for this residential road, that could be completed quickly to minimise disruption for residents and road users. Paving depths were also restricted due to risk to nearby trees. ULTILAYER provided a fast, effective single layer resurfacing solution.


ULTILAYER New Road Alderminster

This country road in Alderminster, to the south of Stratford upon Avon was suffering from severe cracking. A trial showed a significant improvement in crack resistance over the standard HRA.


ULTILAYER Case study - Sunrising Hill, Warwickshire

Sunrising Hill on the A422 is a steep hill (16% gradient) on a busy road between Banbury and Stratford up on Avon. The previous surface of HRA + 20mm Pre Coated Chippings had become highly polished, presenting problems for heavy vehicles ascending the hill and increasing the risk of serious accidents for road users when descending the hill. ULTILAYER provided a durable, long term solution to this challenging site.

How it works

UltiLayer combines a high performance polymer modified binder (PMB) and carefully aggregate grading. This makes it highly flexible, very strong and extremely durable.

  • Achillies UVDB
  • Achillies Building Confidence
  • Considerate constructors
  • IIP Champion
  • IIP Gold

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