The ultimate low shrinkage flooring solution

Traditionally, the only way to reduce shrinkage and cracking in industrial, warehousing and commercial concrete internal floors has been through mesh or steel fibre reinforcement. While durable, this option is time-consuming, costly and environmentally unsustainable.

Now there is an alternative from Tarmac. A sustainable flooring solution that offers very real benefits to floor designers, contractors and end-users. Solving the problem of shrinkage cracks, eliminating the need for steel mesh, and saving time and money.


  1. Sustainable

    Compared to traditional steel mesh or steel fibre reinforced concrete, Topfloor can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20%.

  2. Reduced thickness

    Its enhanced flexural strength enables the installation of more efficient section flooring.

  3. Less joints

    Saw joints can be spaced out to 20m x 20m without the requirement for steel.

  4. Cost-effective

    Less material usage, high surface durability and lower maintenance costs can significantly reduce whole life costs.

  5. Ease

    Topfloor can be placed using conventional laser screed methods and traditional finishing processes.

  6. Faster working

    Time is saved through early power-trowelling and joint cutting, while high compressive strength means slab loading can begin at just 14 days.

  7. Durable

    Topfloor is highly durable without surface treatment, achieving BS-8204 standard.


  • Waste and recycling
  • Warehouses
  • Factories and industrial units
  • Supermarkets

Case Studies


Topfloor Collard Waste Transfer Eversley

The client required a very high performance “jointless” concrete flooring solution for their new waste recycling plant.


Topfloor Salt Barns Telford

Tarmac recommended using Topfloor for the salt barn floors, due to its immediate advantage of requiring no steel reinforcement.


Topfloor Somi Trailers 5 Years On

This uniquely successful client chose Tarmac’s innovation in concrete to help create a highly performing floor for their trailer assembly site.


Topfloor Somi Trailers Loxley Building

Topfloor had been developed for such projects and Tarmac was therefore able to propose an alternative design allowing for a reduction in slab depth and the removal of steel fibres, while still meeting the load requirements of the floor.


Topfloor -Recycling & Energy Recovery Facility, Veolia

When Clugston contacted Tarmac about the potential of supplying Topfloor to their project, the team set to work to ensure that the programme did not slip.

How it works

Topfloor is a low shrinkage concrete for use in ground bearing slabs. Extremely
durable, with very high abrasive and impact resistance, it provides superior flexural
and compressive strength, without the need for steel or mesh reinforcement.

Reduces shrinkage, time and costs

The mechanical and shrinkage properties of Topfloor enable the design of thinner and unreinforced slabs, with increased joint spacing at 20mx20m (400m²). Construction can be shortened through early power-trowelling and joint cutting, while slabs can be loaded from just 14 days. The drastic reduction of joints, limited curling and high surface durability combine to deliver substantial savings inmaintenance and whole life costs. 

High strength durability

Combine low oxygen permeability and low water porosity with high compressive and flexural strength, and you have a flooring solution that is designed to last.

BIM object

Click to download our BIM object for Topfloor. For more information or to make it specific for your project contact

Carbon Footprint

We’re serious about managing and reducing the carbon footprint of our products and our business, and helping our customers to do the same. We take a whole life approach, which considers the impact of our products over their entire life-cycle, from extraction, production and transport, to performance in use, maintenance and final recycling or re-use. The majority of emissions from the built environment come from the “in use” phase, where our products bring many benefits. All our products are durable, extending the in use phase and minimising maintenance requirements.

Establishing the embodied emissions are the first part of the journey towards understanding the whole life emissions of a project. Tarmac’s Carbon Footprint Calculator enables calculation of the embodied emissions of our products and services.

Whilst we have provided an example footprint for this product it should be noted that the actual footprint for our product delivered to your site will be different. Our calculation process considers not only the manufacturing processes used to create the product but also its source location and your site location to provide the complete picture. For more information please click here or for a footprint specific to your site and your chosen product please email

Download the Topfloor Carbon Footprint Example (pdf, 297kb)

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