Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling

The development of the digital construction environment, Government and client drives for the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is only the start of fundamental change within in our industry. This change provides the opportunity develop our understanding of whole life performance in the built environment and use it to inform and develop future solutions, making BIM integral to our ability to deliver our sustainable built assets. BIM enables manufacturers to provide robust and accurate information in a quick, consistent and collaborative manner, that can inform design decisions like never before. Fundamental performance data, traditionally shared manually, can be embedded into smart objects or data sheets. These can be further enhanced with additional information on sustainability, scheduling, maintenance requirements and end of life opportunities, allowing early decisions to be taken with confidence that will not have detrimental effects later in life. As a business we are exploring how we can provide solutions that can facilitate the delivery of a sustainable built environment, not just at product level but in construction and in use.

The Government’s 2016 BIM mandate has been a key driver for the industry to develop their approach to BIM and at the time of its launch in 2011 it presented a significant challenge for the industry to respond to. For manufacturers the challenge was to develop an approach to support its implementation and a method to supply accurate product information to projects. For more information on how we can support your project with our product information see our object library or data pages.


BIM will see a change in how the construction industry operates and how organisations work together with collaboration being fundamental to delivering success. To support this we have been actively engaging with our customers to understand their requirements and how we can assist in their development of BIM. Across our own industry and the wider construction product manufacturing sector we are engaged and support discussions and activities to develop the route forward manufacturers. We are an active member of BIM for Manufacturers and Manufacturing (BIM4M2), initially formed by the Construction Products Association (CPA) it now operates independently and has a clear vision:

“For the UK construction product manufacturing sector to be recognised as a world leader in the integration of BIM and manufacturing technologies to supply the products and solutions for a sustainable built environment”

It is the leading forum for manufacturers to share knowledge and develop a world leading approach for the integration of BIM and manufacturing. Within our sector we are a member of the Mineral Product Association’s BIM Working Group which is focused on creating a collaborative and consistent approach to BIM to facilitate the incorporation of our products and solutions.

BIM Library

Our development of BIM objects has continued steadily from our initial steps as the first in our sector to create and release BIM objects. Our first objects were for our readymix concrete products and we have complimented this with objects now available for a range of solutions encompassing our Asphalt and Building Product businesses. Our content allows clients to schedule and plan more effectively, support sustainable construction and design more efficiently. Technical information, certificates and performance data is built into our objects making key information more readily available to inform and support design decisions. More non-traditional data on traceability, responsible sourcing and carbon footprinting can also be embedded to provide a more complete understanding and help to deliver a sustainable built environment.

We are committed to reviewing all the projects where our BIM solutions are used and developing our solutions to satisfy our customer needs. If you would like to work with us or would like more information please contact the sustainability team,



The Government’s 2016 BIM mandate requires the delivery of ‘collaborative 3D BIM’ where all project and asset information and documentation will be required to be electronic. For all in the project supply chain this posed a significant change in the way that business is done, not necessarily changing the information that is supplied but the manner in which it is shared.

As a manufacturer we have knowledge and expertise on the products and solutions which we supply that can assist at all stages of the project lifecycle, supporting design, construction, operation and end of life scenarios to deliver the most sustainable outcome. This product knowledge and expertise can be supplied as data which can grow, develop and inform as it moves through the project lifecycle ultimately supporting refurbishment, repurposing and recycling. At Tarmac we have undertaken extensive work to digitise our product information and we are able to provide all our product information in a digital format enabling it to be incorporated into project and asset databases. To receive your product information digitally please contact to discuss your requirements.


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We are committed to BIM and the benefits that it can bring to our customers and their way of doing business.

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