A580 East Lancashire Road improvements

A580 East Lancashire



Wigan MBC


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Major Road


June 2018

The challenge

Tarmac was tasked to complete a comprehensive resurfacing project that covered a five kilometre eastbound stretch of the A580 dual carriageway. This project included planing out 3500t of existing road surface and then replacing with a suitable new road surface that was durable and long lasting. The project also included the requirement for the deployment of full road closures and local diversions for road users during the programme.

The A580 is one of the county’s busiest and most important truck road. Also known as the East Lancashire Road, it is the busy road transport corridor that links the cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

Our solution

By taking a collaborative approach and using innovative and sustainable solutions the programme was delivered within time and budget.

The team reviewed and refined the programme each shift to maximise productivity. Efficiency and sustainability was increased by using delivery lorries to remove planed out material and transport it to a Tarmac asphalt plant for recycling and future use.

Output was also increased by using a new cold milling machine from Tarmac’s industry leading road planing contractor, National Road Planing (NRP). One of only eight in Europe, the machine is fitted with a 3.8-metre-wide drum, which can remove one whole lane width in a single pass, rather than the usual 2 passes.

Results and benefits

Originally scheduled to last for up to two weeks, the teams worked together to complete the works in just four nights, substantially reducing the amount of road closures required.

Tarmac's ambitious approach and aim to maximise efficiency and meticulous planning mean that approximately 25% more materials was laid within the original period.

The use of the new single pass plane cold milling machine reduced the number of reversing plant on site as well as incorporating many other on site safety features.

The higher quality of the new, more durable surface has been designed to ‘future-proof’ the road and minimise expenditure on maintenance in the long-term.

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Additional info

Mike McAndrew, general manager at Tarmac

“It has been really rewarding to work collaboratively with the highways teams at Wigan Council on this project. This is a great example of highways expertise and the latest innovative technologies combining to significantly minimise disruption for local road users.”

Cllr Carl Sweeney, Wigan Council

“It’s great news for residents that the work was completed quickly and efficiently. The highways network is the backbone of Wigan Borough’s economy and we recognise the importance of maintaining its infrastructure to a high standard.”

Minimal disruption

Originally the project was scheduled to last for up to two weeks. The Tarmac teams worked together to complete a comprehensive resurfacing of a five kilometre eastbound stretch of the A580 dual carriageway in just four nights, substantially reducing the amount of road closures and disruption for users.

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