Car park resurfacing in a busy, town centre supermarket

Waitrose, Billericay






Location type

Supermarket car park


February 2020

The challenge

Resurfacing was required for this busy supermarket and public car park serving Billericay town centre. In addition to replacing the old surface, works included reconfiguring the layout with additional parent & child and disabled parking bays and the creation of pedestrian walkways with clear demarcation. Kerbs and ironwork would also be replaced and adjusted as necessary. The car park was usually open seven days a week and a key requirement from the client was to maintain access throughout the works so the public could continue to visit the store and town centre. To achieve this, areas of the car park were closed on a rotational basis while work was completed, with the remaining areas open to the public.

Our solution

After discussions with the surfacing contractor, Spadeoak, Tarmac’s ULTIDRIVE 6mm asphalt was selected as it has a close texture finish to provide a surface that is both durable and able to resist the effects of tight turning vehicles. ULTIDRIVE is a specialist asphalt with an advanced modified binder that provides enhanced workability during installation. This assists with compaction and finish, especially when hand laying around ironwork. It also provides improved resistance to rutting and deformation from vehicle loading and to scuffing and abrasion from power-assisted steering. ULTIDRIVE has a higher softening point temperature than conventional materials and resists occasional fuel and oil spills.

Results and benefits

The project was completed on schedule, while maintaining access to the site for customers and the general public. Most of the work was completed out of trading hours to minimise disruption. Despite challenging weather conditions, the enhanced workability of ULTIDRIVE helped the contractor to achieve an excellent finish. Both the client and the contractor were impressed with the performance of ULTIDRIVE and the resulting finish. They also received very positive comments from customers: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a smooth surface and so well finished. Spadeoak have carried out a brilliant job with a top quality finish.’ Waitrose Customer. The new car park is more inviting for customers and will provide a long lasting and maintenance free service for years to come.

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Additional info

Improved resistance to summer softening

An advanced modified binder reduces softening in hot weather and enhances the toughness of the surface.

Improved fuel resistance

The advanced modified binder also gives enhanced resistance to temporary fuel and oil spills compared to conventional asphalt surfacing.

Ultimate versatility

When used in various course depths, ULTIDRIVE provides a versatile solution for multi-use pedestrian surfaces, estate roads and car parks.

Asphalt contact

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