Chemical resistant asphalt for large silage clamps

Villa Farm, Keisby, Lincolnshire



Private Land Owner


Tarmac Contracting

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July 2015

The challenge

A durable, resistant surfacing was required for two large silage clamps at this farm in Lincolnshire. The area covered approximately 6,000m2. The client needed a surface that could be installed quickly with minimum disruption but would last a long time. It would also have to resist trafficking by heavy farm vehicles and be easy to clean. Conventional concrete would have taken a long time to cure and reach full strength. It is also vulnerable to attack from acidic effluents produced by silage that can degrade the surface.

Our solution

ULTIGUARD was recommended as an alternative to conventional asphalt and concrete. Designed to meet the demands of agricultural environments, ULTIGUARD is designed as a dense, binder-rich material that contains binder additives that reduce binder stripping and improve workability. This makes it easier to achieve good compaction, jointing and a dense low-maintenance finish. It contains no aggregates or fillers that are susceptible to attack from acids from silage or fermented energy or fodder crops. It also provides a durable running surface for farm machinery.

Results and benefits

As expected, the work was completed quickly, with minimal site closure or disruption to farming operations. The client was impressed by the dense, smooth finish that proved to be durable and easy to clean.“I am very happy with ULTIGUARD, it has a very tight finish which will make it easy to keep clean and work with. The acid resisting nature of the product means it will be a cost effective long term solution.” Simon Richardson, Villa Farm, Owner.

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Additional info

Acid resisting asphalt

Enhanced resistance to acids from silage or fermented energy or fodder crops.

Resistant to farm vehicle traffic

Dense, durable surface that resists trafficking from heavy farm vehicles and agricultural equipment.

Faster installation than conventional concretes

Laid quickly with paving machines and avoids the long curing times of conventional concretes.

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