Cost effective alternative to surface dressing

Long Lane, Bridlington



East Riding of Yorkshire Council


East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Location type

Urban road


May 2017

The challenge

This narrow street in Bridlington was suffering from severe surface wear and required full-depth resurfacing. Given ongoing pressure on road maintenance budgets the client, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, was looking for a cost-effective pavement solution. The chosen solution not only needed to help minimise direct cost but also extend pavement life to minimise future maintenance requirements to deliver long-term value. An additional challenge was the weather. The work was scheduled for early December and low seasonal temperatures were expected.

Our solution

After discussions with the local authority client, ULTITHIN, our new ultra-thin surface course was recommended. ULTITHIN is a polymer modified 6mm ultra-thin surface course, suitable for laying on both urban and rural roads. Using high grade aggregates, it delivers outstanding durability with impressive reductions in road noise. Using ULTITHIN enabled value engineering of the pavement design to optimise cost-effectiveness while maintaining or increasing pavement durability. It allowed the depth of the surface course to be reduced with a corresponding increase in the depth of the binder course.

Results and benefits

The initial skepticism of the road maintenance team toward using PMB based asphalts completely changed after using ULTITHIN. The product has been designed for enhanced workability to assist compaction and improve finish around areas of detail like ironwork and junctions. Despite the low seasonal temperatures and unexpected delays of several hours in using the material on site, the contract manager was extremely impressed by the workability of the product and the finish that was achieved.

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Additional info

Cost effective thin surfacing

By reducing pavements depths, resurfacing work can be carried out within limited budgets.

Maintaining compaction and finish

ULTITHIN offers enhanced workability to assist compaction and  finish even in low temperatures.

Reducing road noise

This low noise surface is a valuable option for residential streets where road noise is a concern.

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