Crack control concrete for flooring at a university

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Loughborough University


Henry Brothers/CSJ Construction

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June 2016

The challenge

CSJ Construction were asked by Henry Brothers to place and finish the roof slab floor as part of their current contract at Loughborough University. CSJ consulted Tarmac as they required a C30 pump mix concrete that they intended to float finish themselves using one layer of A142 mesh. The layer of A142 was only recommended to control shrinkage cracking but was requested by the engineer. The difficulty was the depth of the slab which was only 75mm thick and due to the walls and exposed steel frame, fixing mesh would be very awkward and time consuming.

Our solution

To ensure all requirements stipulated by the engineer were met, Tarmac suggested TOPFORCE MF - a concrete that includes a mix of micro and macro fibres called Novomesh 950. This would be able to provide the crack control qualities required but would remove the need to use the A142 mesh which would have been very difficult to work with on site.

Results and benefits

After a few discussions regarding saw cuts (3 by 3) and providing literature and information about Novomesh 950 (in particular “best practice for finishing”), Tarmac supplied the agreed mix in two separate pours - 57m3 and 67m3. CSJ were very pleased with the technical assistance they received and the TOPFORCE MF fibre solution. The product itself and the finish achieved were all to the satisfaction of the customer and client. Alongside this, there were also benefits in terms of labour, time and ease of placement.

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Additional info

No need for crack control

When designed in compliance with British and European Standards, Topforce eliminates the need for crack control fabric reinforcement. Topforce fibre reinforced concrete contains specially designed macro synthetics polypropylene or steel fibres that are added during the production process using the latest batch control technology. 

Faster construction time 

With a typical saving of one man-day per 100m3, Topforce can reduce construction times significantly. Typically as much as 50 days on a 25,000m2 project.

Less disruption 

Using Topforce allows for less disruption. No steel mesh. No waiting around for deliveries. No need for on-site storage. Reduces the crane time for heavy mesh lifting. 

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