Durable and fast installation of skid resisting asphalt

A487 Maentwrog, Blaenau Ffestiniog



NMWTRA on behalf of Gwynedd Council


Tarmac Central West Contracting

Location type

A487 Maentwrog, Blaenau Ffestiniog


April 2020

The challenge

A stretch of the A487 near Blaenau Ffestiniog, had high friction surfacing repeatedly fail on it. The road has a national speed limit, steep gradients and multiple bends. Elements that have led to fatalities in recent years. Re surfacing was required both of the high friction surfacing areas as well as the main carriageway. The works had to be completed before Easter weekend (10th – 13th April). Traditional high friction materials were not possible due to the amount of surfacing required in the programme time. Also, due to the Easter closures and holidays, the works needed to be brought forward by a month and completed in just 3 weeks. Working with a traditional high friction asphalt there would not be enough time to install before the closure, meaning this high-risk site would not have had the correct skid resistance. Alternative, high performance materials were needed to offer quick installation and durable, skid resistant performance.

Our solution

ULTIGRIP was proposed as an alternative to high friction surfacing. ULTIGRIP is a long-lasting, anti-skid surface designed to improve road safety and reduce the risk of accidents. ULTIGRIP is BBA HAPAS certified as a Clause 942 thin surface course that provides a textured finish that improves skid resistance in high-risk locations. Laid in a single pass, the works could be completed more quickly than high friction surfacing. ULTIPAVE M was proposed for areas where high friction surface was not required. This Clause 942 BBA HAPAS approved road surface solution offers improved ease of laying, using polymer technology to inhibit binder drainage. Using high grade aggregates it delivers outstanding durability along with impressive reductions in road noise and surface spray.

Results and benefits

Using ULTIGRIP and ULTIPAVE M ensured that the work could be completed in the limited works timescale. By being laid in a single pass ULTIGRIP delivered the same SCRIM value as high friction surfacing but it was laid quicker. 912t of ULTIGRIP was laid in just five shifts and quickly reopened to road users and 2,479t of 10mm ULTIPAVE M in PSV 65 and PSV 68 was laid over 12 shifts. ULTIGRIP was installed, with a 7-year guarantee - significantly more durable when compared to the length of time the high friction surfacing was lasting on this site. The performance attributes of the material have also delivered a reduction in whole life costs and reduced disruption to residents and road users. Essential as the A487 is the main route from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog.


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