Fast, efficient floor screed solution for underfloor heating

Archerfield Estate, North Berwick, Scotland



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J&J Plant North East

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Archerfield Estate


March 2021

The challenge

A new flooring solution was required as part of a large, high-specification selfbuild housing project on the stunning Archerfield estate in North Berwick. Underfloor heating had been specified for the ground floor of the house and it was important that the chosen floor solution would help to optimise heating efficiency. Given the scale of the project it was also important that the chosen screed solution could be installed quickly over a large area to fit within the build programme. The flooring contractor appointed to complete the work were based in the North East of England and regularly used flowing liquid screeds for this type of application. Following initial discussions and a successful pump trial the customer decided to use Tarmac’s TOPFLOW Screed C for this job.

Our solution

TOPFLOW Screed C is a free-flowing, cement based liquid screed that can be trafficked after just 24-48 hours and dries within 21-28 days. It can be pumped into place and allows large areas to be covered quickly with up to 120m2 laid in as little as 45 minutes. Fast drying times mean it can be laid later in the programme when the building is fully water-tight and still hit deadlines for installation of flooring. It is ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. As a self-compacting screed, it fully encapsulates heating pipes without leaving any voids and is also a more conductive medium than traditional sand and cement screeds, improving the thermal performance of the system. It is also compatible with most cementbased adhesives meaning it can be used with a wide range of flooring types.

Results and benefits

As planned, 28.5m3 of TOPFLOW Screed C was supplied and the floor area of around 410m2 was completed in a single day. The free-flowing, selfcompacting properties of TOPFLOW Screed C make it far less labour intensive than traditional alternatives, as it doesn’t require hand finishing or final sanding to achieve a smooth, even surface. Technical support was provided throughout this job, both on site and at the batching plant to make sure the material was supplied to the best possible standard. The fast-drying times and early trafficking characteristics of TOPFLOW Screed C enabled other trades to follow on quickly, helping to provide continuity and efficiency within the client’s build programme. The contractor was delighted with the outcome, commenting on how good the material was to work with and on the excellent finish achieved. They said that they would be happy to use it again in the future.

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