Flowing and spreadable concrete for residential housing




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Ground Developments Ltd

Location type

Residential Housing



The challenge

Ground Developments found themselves digging 3.5m3 below ground level to overcome the poor ground conditions on this site. Previously, they had stabilised the ground using the stabilisation arm of their company but due to the site being extremely tight, when doing the stabilisation works, they could not carry out any other works on site due to the limited access. This mass foundation was being poured at 800mm depth, which meant that no-one could enter the trench to move the concrete.

Our solution

To meet the challenge Tarmac proposed the use of TOPFLOW TRENCHFLOW which would move and flow around the foundation walls, minimising the need for any site staff to be in contact with the concrete, which would have obvious health & safety benefits. The TOPFLOW TRENCHFLOW could be discharged directly from the truck, finding its way around the foundation whilst requiring no vibration.

Results and benefits

The end result was really surprising to our customer as the TOPFLOW TRENCHFLOW flowed around the entirety of the foundation footprint from only two discharge points. With the trucks being completely discharged within two minutes each, this also eased the site’s vehicle management plan. It also meant that the 28m3 pour was finished extremely quickly without the need to use their 40T excavator.

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Additional info

Self compacting concrete

Topflow Trenchflow is a self compacting that is ideal for use in all mass fill concrete foundation applications.

Highly fluid form

Delivered in highly fluid form with high deformability, Topflow Trenchflow allows quick changes of direction and easy flow around the foundation trench.

Minimises costs and time

Topflow Trenchflow reduces labour overheads requiring only one person to place, level and finish.

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