Flowing screed for highrise superstructure

Baltimore Wharf, London



Galliard Homes


O’Shea/TCS Screeding

Location type

Residential Development



The challenge

With an ambitious and striking design, Galliard Homes Baltimore Tower is an exclusive residential development, offering coveted high-rise homes in one of the London’s most fast paced districts. The unique design of the tower means each apartment will come with its own curved balcony offering panoramic views of London. Specialist screeding contractor, TCS, brought Tarmac onboard to help deliver the building’s floor plan. The project’s demanding technical requirements meant that a depth of just 30mm would be used on the floors; less than half the depth and weight of a cement screed solution.

Our solution

Working collaboratively with the project team from early on to understand the client’s requirements, Tarmac was able to design a customized, self compacting blend of its TOPFLOW SCREED A to help TCS deliver this complex and high profile project. Tarmac’s unique screed blend also had another important function - its strength. In order to deliver the 30mm thick screed without risk of cracking it was necessary to provide a product with a 35N/mm2 comprehensive strength and a flexural strength of F6. When Tarmac tested their TOPFLOW SCREED A blend they found that it surpassed specifications. Regular testing has proved that the screed installed, comfortably exceeds these requirements.

Results and benefits

The reduction in depth meant that the weight and volume of screed in the tower was reduced by more than 2,000T, equating to approximately 45T per floor; meeting the engineering requirements. In addition, the number of truck movements needed to deliver the material to site was cut by 25%. Compared to a standard 40mm floating screed installation the 30mm screed allowed the client to maximize headroom in the apartments. Because TOPFLOW SCREED A is much quicker to lay compared with more traditional alternatives, the TCS team managed to cover an area of about 700m per day. Designed to be self-compacting, installation of TOPFLOW SCREED also requires fewer people to smooth the floor.

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Additional info

2,500 tonnes

Premium asphalt for driveways and parking areas, with a long lasting finish that keeps its appearance for longer.

Improving busy city bus lane

Premium asphalt for driveways and parking areas, with a long lasting finish that keeps its appearance for longer.

Application Name

Premium asphalt for driveways and parking areas, with a long lasting finish that keeps its appearance for longer.

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