Fuel resisting asphalt surface for service station

Michaelwood Services, M5 motorway



Buckingham Group


Gibbs Surfacing

Location type

Service station


January 2011

The challenge

The busy service station had substantial damage to the existing asphalt surfacing on parking areas. The long term effect of fuel and oil spillages had degraded the binder in the existing asphalt. This had made it more vulnerable to abrasion from tyres during power assisted turning by the many vehicles that used the site each day. When combined with the large volumes of car and HGV traffic using the site this was leading to severe degradation of the surface. The new surface would need to be durable enough to cope with this intensive use.

Our solution

The client wanted a cheaper alternative to grouted macadam and ULTISHIELD was recommended as an effective solution. The modified binder in ULTISHIELD and the dense finish reduces softening in hot weather and reduces the impact of water ingress and frost damage. It offered enhanced fuel resistance and long term durability. Tarmac worked with Gibbs Surfacing throughout the contract offering a hands-on support to the teams involved. The contract required the use of locally sourced materials so technical support ensured quality and consistency. Upon completion the client was also provided with a five year guarantee.

Results and benefits

ULTISHIELD provided a hardwearing surface. Its fuel resisting attributes helped withstand the effects of heavy traffic in this busy parking area. Both car and lorry parks (South and North) performed well in standing up to the harmful effects of fuels, oils and de-icing agents. By investing in an advanced and highly resistant asphalt like ULTISHIELD, the client could expect extended operational service life for this busy service station along with reduced long term maintenance cost.

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Additional info

Improved resistance to fuel spillage

Improved resistance to damage from fuel and oil spillages.

Dense, durable surface

The dense, durable new surface provided enhanced resistance to abrasion from cars and HGV's.

Low future maintenance

By investing in a stronger and more resistant asphalt, the client could expect extended pavement life and lower future maintenance costs.

Asphalt contact

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