Heavy duty car park surface for science research centre

Bracknell, Berkshire





Pro-Tar Surfacing Ltd

Location type

Science Research Centre


August 2016

The challenge

The car park at Syngenta’s research centre at Jealotts Hill to the north of Bracknell needed resurfacing. It was frequently used by large vehicles and the existing asphalt was old and starting to fail. Heavy goods vehicles can cause permanent deformation and cracking in conventional asphalts. Modern power assisted steering can also cause surface abrasion, tearing the aggregate from conventional binders. The new car park surface needed to be durable enough to cope with these challenges and deliver a lasting, low maintenance solution.

Our solution

After successfully using ULTIPHALT HD on similar projects, the Contractor, Pro-Tar recommended it again to the client. ULTIPHALT HD is a dense, heavy duty asphalt that combines high grade aggregates and a specialist modified binder. Laid quickly like conventional asphalt, it avoids the long curing times of concrete. ULTIPHALT HD has a denser structure and lower voids than standard SMAs. As a result it delivers enhanced resistance to the deformation and turning stresses associated with heavy goods vehicles and provides excellent long term durability.

Results and benefits

As expected, ULTIPHALT HD was installed quickly, within the client’s schedule and the car park was marked-up and re-opened just 12 hours after the asphalt was laid. The modified binder in ULTIPHALT HD helped the contractor to achieve a dense, even finish. The speed of the work meant no disruption to Sygenta’s daily operations, employees or customers. The contractor commented on the performance of the material and the pro-active technical support they received from Tarmac. The client was also impressed with the performance of the new surface. The proven durability of ULTIPHALT HD will also help to minimise future maintenance requirements and associated costs.

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Additional info

Tough, durable surface

The dense, durable finish offered excellent resistance to delivery vehicles on this busy site.

Fast installation

Avoided the long curing times and extended site closures of conventional concrete surfacing.

Minimised lost time and operational disruption

Installed quickly, minimising disruption to the client's daily operations.

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