Heavy duty, HGV resisting asphalt for business park

Stratton Business Park, Bedfordshire



Stratton Business Park


Huyton Asphalt

Location type

Business Park


May 2018

The challenge

Surfacing was required for new access roads and car parking areas as part of a project to extend this business park located close to the A1 near Biggleswade. The site was home to a mix of retail, engineering and logistics businesses, so these link roads would be in frequent use by HGV traffic. The chosen design of the scheme included a requirement for a heavy duty running surface on the access roads and a porous surface for the parking areas to assist with site drainage. Heavy goods vehicles using these access roads can cause permanent deformation and cracking of conventional asphalts and surface abrasion from power-assisted steering. It was important that the new surfaces offered long term durability to avoid any potential disruption from future maintenance.

Our solution

The chosen surfacing contractor, Huyton Asphalt, had successfully used ULTIPHALT HD on other high stress sites and recommended it for this project. ULTIPHALT HD is a dense, heavy duty asphalt that combines high grade aggregates and a specialist modified binder. It delivers enhanced resistance to deformation and surface abrasion associated with heavy goods vehicles and provides excellent long term durability. ULTIDRIVE POROUS, Tarmac’s fast-draining porous asphalt, was chosen for the parking areas, with ULTIFLOW specialist aggregate as the free draining sub-base. The open aggregate structure in ULTIDRIVE POROUS allows effective drainage while the modified binder helps provide durability.

Results and benefits

As planned, ULTIDRIVE POROUS was installed in two layers on the car park area, with 238 tonnes of surface course and 423 tonnes of binder course. Around 200 tonnes of ULTIPHALT HD was used to pave the access roads. The modified binder in ULTIPHALT HD helped the contractor to achieve a dense, even finish with low voids. The client was impressed with the finish achieved and the speed of installation. The proven durability of ULTIPHALT HD will help to maximise pavement life and long term durability on this heavily used site.

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Additional info

Durable HGV resisting asphalt

The specialist modified binder in ULTIPHALT HD helped to resist future damage by HGV's.

Combining dense and porous asphalts

Using porous asphalt on parking areas met  sustainable drainage requirements, while the dense heavy duty asphalt on access roads delivered long term durability.

Asset management

Investing in ULTIPHALT HD would help to extend pavement life and reduced the risk of lost time.

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