HGV resisting asphalt for busy retail park

Evesham, Worcestershire



Eagle One Country Shopping Ltd


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Retail Park


August 2016

The challenge

Resurfacing was required for this access road linking a busy out of town retail park, hotel, restaurant and adjacent 24 hour petrol station to a major roundabout on the A46 Evesham bypass. Frequent HGV delivery traffic had caused damage to the existing surface. A new heavy-duty surface was required that could withstand this heavy trafficking and deliver long lasting performance with minimum maintenance requirement. As this was the only access to this retail park the work would need to be completed with minimal disruption to deliveries and customer traffic.

Our solution

After considering the requirements of the client and the challenges of the site it was clear that conventional asphalt would not deliver the long term durability needed on this highly trafficked site. The long curing times required for concrete, meant that this was also not an option. Instead, Tarmac proposed ULTIPHALT HD, a dense, durable asphalt that combines high grade aggregates and a specialist modified binder. It is laid quickly like conventional asphalt but delivers enhanced resistance to the deformation and turning stresses associated with heavy goods vehicles.

Results and benefits

To minimise disruption to customers, work was scheduled to take place during one night in August, between 10pm and 6am. As planned, 125mm of the existing surface was planed off and replaced with 75mm of 20mm dense binder course and 50mm of ULTIPHALT HD surface course. The new access road was re-opened to traffic, as agreed, the following morning. The fact that work was completed so quickly helped to avoid disruption and lost business for the retail park and the surrounding hotels and restaurants. The durable, long-lasting nature of the new surface will also minimise future maintenance requirements and associated delays.

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Additional info

Tough HGV resisting asphalt

Choosing Ultphalt HD helped to resist future damage from cars and heavy goods vehicles.

Fast resurfacing to minimise down-time

Work was completed in a single night, meaning no site closure during business hours and no disruption to retail businesses or their customers.

Long term solution

By investing in a high performance, heavy duty asphalt, the client could expect to minimise future maintenance and site closure at this busy retail park.

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