High strength, low permeability and increased durability concrete for floor at green energy plant

Margam, Wales



Glennimont Partners



Location type

Power Station


October 2016

The challenge

The Margam Green Energy Plant is a long-term, multi-million pound investment into the Welsh economy. It will help meet the country’s renewable energy targets whilst also strengthening the country’s energy security. Waste wood chip will be delivered via HGV to a fuel reception and storage building. The building will store, organise and feed the digester plant. It will have the capacity of 5 day storage. This building will be the home for the plants energy source and is designed so that it should never run out. Whilst being automatic and designed so that the crane and grab should never come in contact with the base itself, designers say at times when levels of stock are low, it is certain that it will which would result in damage to the concrete floor. As a result, Glennmont requested a concrete solution to protect it.

Our solution

For this project Tarmac suggested their TOPROC SY be used as an overlay on the finished concrete slab as a protective high strength screed. This would be laid after the reception building was constructed, roof on and sides sealed. As with the entire TOPROC range of concretes, TOPROC SY is a very cohesive concrete with a dense micro structure imparting benefits including high strength, low permeability and increased durability.

Results and benefits

TOPROC SY is one of the six ready-formulated TOPROC products available off the shelf. TOPROC SY comprises a micro-silica mix with steel and macro fibres designed to give high levels of abrasive and impact resistance. This product is highly suited to heavy industrial areas such as container handling, metal recycling, waste, loading bays and any other aggressive environments. The main benefit will be the extended length of time the product will perform compared with traditional concrete therefore saving cost on continual replacement.

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Additional info

Use in extreme environments 

Toproc high performance concrete resists corrosives such as chemicals, acids, seawater and de-icing salts and still maintains exceptional durability.

Whole life projects savings 

Toproc is proven to outlast conventional concretes in environments subjected to high impact and abrasion resulting in reduced whole life costs. 

Faster curling

Toproc offers faster curing and extreme toughness. Toproc gains strength in hours, not days and on average will gain 25N strength in 24-48 hours compared to a C40N concrete, which typically gains 40N strength in 28 days. The average strength of Toproc is 60N+/28 days. 

High strength, low permeability and increased durability concrete for floor at green energy plant contact

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