Long lasting commercial car park asphalt for police centre

Speke, South Liverpool



Merseyside Police


Morgan Sindall/Huyton Asphalt

Location type

Police Centre


January 2018

The challenge

As part of a £44m project to build a major new police operational command centre in Speke, South Liverpool, surfacing was required for the large parking area and access roads. The parking area would be used by more than 1,200 officers and support staff and a wide range of vehicles from police cars to heavy goods vehicles. Originally an AC 10 close graded surface course material had been specified. However, after early engagement with the surfacing and main contractor, it was clear that a more robust and durable solution was required that could withstand the high volumes of traffic using the site.

Our solution

Tarmac’s ULTIDRIVE asphalt was chosen as the solution. Designed to resist the long term effects of daily vehicle movement, ULTIDRIVE is a high performance asphalt with a smooth and highly durable finish. An advanced modified binder enhances the toughness of the surface, provides improved resistance to scuffing and abrasion from power-assisted turning and reduces softening in hot weather. It also gives enhanced resistance to temporary fuel and oil spills compared to conventional asphalt surfacing. Using this material would improve long term durability, extend pavement life and reduce future maintenance requirements for the client.

Results and benefits

The work took place over a two month period, with 800 tonnes of Ultidrive surface course being laid by Huyton Asphalt. It was completed in January 2018. The modified binder helped to maintain workability despite the low seasonal temperatures, making it easier to compact than standard asphalt. This helped the surfacing contractor to achieve an excellent finish. Collaborative working between the supply chain partners to understand the requirements of the end user, helped to optimise the choice of surfacing materials. Paul Heald, Senior Project Manager for Morgan Sindall believed that the choice of material would provide improved durability and deliver a far better long term outcome for the client.

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Additional info

Tough, durable car park surface

The advanced modified binder and aggregate interlock makes ULTIDRIVE a durable long lasting surface.

Resistance to heavy use

The durability of the new car park and access roads delivered enhanced resistance to use by cars and heavy goods vehicles.

Effective asset management

By investing in ULTIDRIVE asphalt, the client could expect extended pavement life and reduced long term maintenance cost.

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