More visible footpath using glow in the dark asphalt

Oakham, Leicestershire



Rutland County Council


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Public Footpath


August 2016

The challenge

The client, Rutland County Council required a way of improving the safety and visibility of a section of footpath through a community space in Oakham, Leicestershire. Although it was frequently used by local people to walk from the main road to a nearby residential area, the path suffered from low light and poor visibility at night. Street lights were situated at the entrance and exit of the path, but the shadows created by nearby trees meant that the rest of the path was very dark in the evenings. The previous footpath surface needed replacement and instead of using a conventional approach, the council were keen to try a new and innovative solution that would help improve visibility.

Our solution

After discussions with the client, Tarmac recommended ULTIGLOW, an innovative asphalt system that glows in the dark. ULTIGLOW is laid in the same way as a conventional asphalt and offers the same practicality and durability as a hot rolled asphalt surface course, but provides additional aesthetic, visibility and demarcation benefits. It is designed for use on footpaths, cycle paths and pedestrian areas. This innovative system provides architects, developers and landscape designers with an alternative to conventional pavements enhancing the night time built environment.

Results and benefits

Surfacing work was completed as planned in mid August. The new ULTIGLOW footpath has been extremely well received by local residents, who have commented in the local media about how the new surface has improved safety and visibility. It has also provided a cost-effective, low maintenance and low energy alternative to installation of additional lighting on this particular site. As well as brightening up dark autumn and winter evenings, this new surface should help to encourage the local community to safely use this area and add to their enjoyment of this outdoor space.

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Additional info

Improved visibility at night

Better visibility and demarcation for footpaths and cycle paths.

Easy to install

Much easier than installing additional street lighting.

Enhancing public spaces

Improved built environment for local people.

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