Quieter asphalt road surface for busy B-road

B6295 Allendale, Northumberland



Northumberland County Council


Northumberland County Council

Location type

Steep gradient


September 2015

The challenge

This busy route into the popular village of Allendale, the B6295, was suffering from surface wear and cracking and required resurfacing. The steep gradient and changes of direction meant that the road surface was subject to significant breaking and turning forces, which had caused severe cracking in the surface course. Northumberland County Council were looking for a hard wearing surface course which also gave reduced traffic noise from road tyres. The new surface would need to resist these forces and maintain its texture and integrity.

Our solution

After discussions with the contractor, Tarmac recommended ULTIFLEX, the BBA HAPAS approved thin surface course. The polymer modified binder offered enhanced flexibility to help resist the cracking, that had been such a problem on the previous surface. The high PSV aggregates in ULTIFLEX would also help to retain the surface texture to maintain safety and breaking performance on the tight turns and steep gradients. The smooth even surface and negative texture would also help to reduce tyre noise for local residents, many of whom were located just a few metres from the road itself.

Results and benefits

Using ULTIFLEX allowed the contractor to achieve a smooth, even finish despite the challenges of the site. The work was completed in a day, minimising access problems for Allendale residents and disruption to road users. ULTIFLEX proved cost effective compared to the traditional alternative of HRA with coated chippings, especially when factoring in the longer life expectancy of the surface. As expected the finished surface was also noticeably quieter than the one it replaced, which meant less noise for homes located on the route.

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Additional info

Long lasting texture

High PSV aggregates and a high performance binder deliver long lasting texture, even on busy roads.

Fast, efficient resurfacing

Work was completed in one day, minimising disruption for residents and road users.

Quiet surface for residents

Residents living close to the route benefited from the noticably quieter road surface.

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