Rapid strength concrete for level crossing for railway

St Georges Road level crossing, Hull



Network Rail


P & T Contracts

Location type

Level Crossing


February 2016

The challenge

The level crossing point situated on St Georges Road in Hull is one of the main train routes to the capital, with St Georges Road being a main link for traffic between two very busy major road networks. After years of wear and tear the existing road surface around the tracks had become damaged and was beginning to break up. Work was scheduled to start on February 6th and continue until 6pm on the 8th to repair the road and strengthen the area surrounding the main train line. The challenge now was to find a product that would gain sufficient strength in a short window of time to enable these vital links to be quickly back in use.

Our solution

After speaking to P&T Contracts their requirements were quickly established and it was recommended that Tarmac’s TOPROC RAPID 15 hour concrete product would provide the best solution for the project. This was due to its rapid strength gaining properties over a short period of time. This, along with unrivaled technical support and advice, gave P&T Contracts and Network Rail the confidence to undertake the project with the minimum of fuss.

Results and benefits

The product was scheduled to be delivered in the early morning hours of Sunday 7th. With on-site support and advice being offered from Tarmac’s technical department and collaborative working practices between the distribution and production teams, the 7.5m3 load was poured and finished within 1 hour. A representative from Network Rail commented that because of the strength gaining properties of TOPROC RAPID, and the professional approach adopted by all that contributed to the project, the job was finished 12 hours ahead of schedule, allowing these vital links to be opened early and ready for the Monday morning commute.

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Additional info

Easy to place

Toproc Rapid high early strength concrete is as easy to place as conventional concretes, with no extra effort required by the contractor. 

Less disruption and cost penalties 

Toproc Rapid helps to minimise disruption and cost penalties. The properties in Toproc Rapid attains strength within hours, a crucial consideration when early access is necessary and delays can incur severe financial penalties. 

Flexible construction schedules 

When using Toproc Rapid, users can choose the specific time the guaranteed early strength is achieved e.g. 24 hours or 48 hours, enabling them to make up lost programme time due to weather, breakdown etc. This is essentials in time-critical projects. 

Rapid strength concrete for level crossing for railway contact

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