Replacing cracked flagstones on a residential footpath

Torquay Av, Hartlepool



Hartlepool Council


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Residential street


May 2019

The challenge

The existing flagstones used to pave this area of footpath in Hartlepool were showing signs of wear and had become uneven. As a result they had been identified by the local authority as a potential safety hazard and a high priority for resurfacing. The new surface would need to be even, trip-free for pedestrians avoiding the potential future instability and trip-hazards associated with existing flagstones. It was also important that work was completed quickly to allow local residents to maintain access to their driveways and pedestrians to use the footpath.

Our solution

After discussions with the client, Tarmac recommended 6mm ULTIFASTPATH, their footpath surfacing material. ULTIFASTPATH has been developed to enable fast, single layer surfacing of footpaths. It contains a modified binder to improve workability and compaction during laying. This also increases resistance to scuffing and deformation from pavement parking and vehicle manoeuvring. 6mm ULTIFASTPATH can be laid in a single layer up to 60mm. In this instance a single 60mm layer would be used instead of the standard construction of 50mm of 20mm binder course and 25mm of a 6mm dense surface course. Using a single layer instead of a separate binder and surface course often allows pavement depth to be reduced. This, in turn, would minimise excavation requirements and reduce construction times.

Results and benefits

As planned, the existing flagstones were removed and 180 tonnes of 6mm ULTIFASTPATH was installed at a depth of 60mm on top of the completed civil works. Using ULTIFASTPATH in a single layer enabled work to be completed quickly. The modified binder helped to optimise compaction and produce a smooth, even finish. The new, even surface has eliminated the trip hazard for pedestrians and it has also reduced the risk of potential liability for the authority. The client was very pleased with the speed of completion and the standard of the finished surface that was achieved. They are now looking at using the same approach on other schemes in the borough.

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Additional info

Faster to install

Existing surface and binder courses can be replaced in a single pass.


Lower temperature of the mixed material improves site safety and reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Faster construction time minimises disruption to pedestrians, residents and road users.

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