Safe, all weather car park at large brewery

Newport, Wales



AB Inbev Ltd


Andrew Scott Ltd

Location type

Large Brewery


June 2016

The challenge

Tarmac Contracting was appointed as surfacing contractor for this project to build a new 4,000m2 staff car park at the Magor brewery in Monmouthshire. Based on a 50 acre site near Newport, this is the largest AB InBev brewery in the UK, employing 290 people, operating 24 hours a day and 362 days per year and producing up to 13 thousand kegs per day. The new car park was intended to replace the numerous small car parks that existed on the site. It would improve access and traffic flow around the site and provide safe, all-weather parking for staff.

Our solution

Sustainable water management was a key priority for the client. One of their environmental targets was to implement watershed protection measures at all of their sites by 2017. As a result they had specified full infiltration porous construction that would allow rainwater to soak into the pavement, before being slowly released into the ground. This would help to reduce the rapid runoff which can cause local drainage systems to be overloaded after heavy rainfall. Tarmac recommended ULTIDRIVE POROUS as a surface and binder course. The open structure means that rainwater quickly flows into the pavement helping to avoid standing water and localised flooding.

Results and benefits

As planned, the main contractor completed the groundworks including a large soakaway which allowed water beyond the clay subsoil and into the underlying porous sandstone. They also laid the geotextile and the underlying aggregate layers. Tarmac Contracting then laid Ultidrive Porous as a 32mm base course at 80mm and a 10mm surface course at 40mm. The new ULTIDRIVE POROUS surface provided a safe, all-weather parking area which would avoid surface water after heavy rainfall and formation of ice during the winter. It also met the client’s sustainability requirements by helping to manage rainwater at source and control its release into the surrounding environment.

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Additional info

Sustainable watershed protection

Porous asphalt met the client's requirement for sustainable drainage and responsible management of the water catchment.

Safe all season car park surface

Eliminated standing water even after heavy rain, making it accessible in all seasons and weather conditions.

Low maintenance car park surface

The use of a passive SuDS solution and durability of the porous asphalt minimised future maintenance requirements at this busy site.

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