Safe, skid resisting asphalt for high risk road

A52, Barrowby to Saxondale



Highways England (Area 7)


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Major road


March 2018

The challenge

This single carriageway on the route between Nottingham and Grantham was scheduled for resurfacing in January 2018. One section that included hazardous ‘S’ bends, was a well known accident black-spot. High friction surfacing (HFS) had originally been specified. As work was scheduled for completion between January and March weather conditions were expected to be cold and damp. During the programme meetings, the HFS contractor expressed concern that given the scale of the scheme, required timescales and expected weather conditions they would be unable to complete the work in time.

Our solution

After meeting with Tarmac Contracting representatives, ULTIGRIP was proposed as an alternative. ULTIGRIP offers comparable skid resistance to HFS. It is laid as a surface course, using standard paving equipment. The installation process is less weather-susceptible and can be reliably installed all year round. This reduces the risk of programme delays from cancelled work. It also avoids the common delamination problems associated with HFS. This means it typically lasts much longer, has lower maintenance requirements and offers lower whole life costs. Since ULTIGRIP is BBA HAPAS certified as a Clause 942 thin surface course system, it could be laid on the Highways England network without a departure from standard.

Results and benefits

This section of the scheme was delivered on two consecutive night shifts with the agreed closure times between 10pm and 3am. Around 320 tonnes of ULTIGRIP was laid in total on top of a 14mm EME2 ULTILOW, low temperature binder course. The client was very positive about the outcome on this scheme and the potential use in the future: “The A52 Barrowby to Saxondale scheme was a great opportunity for the ULTIGRIP product, given the difficulties experienced on the scheme with the limitations of the HFS product at the time of year it was to be completed. Within the next few months HE will be running a network wide HFS study aimed at identifying more locations for the ULTIGRIP application.’’Krzysztof Hunik, Highways England, Pavement Asset Manager for Area 7.

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Additional info

Safer road with reduced accident risk

Improved texture to reduce the risk of accidents on this hazardous stretch of road.

Saved time and disruption

Fast single layer installation over two night shifts avoided delays to road users.

Saved time and disruption

Proven to deliver long lasting durability and texture on UK roads.

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