Strength and durability concrete for compost facility reducing labour and cost




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Anwen Construction

Location type

Compost Facility



The challenge

Compost facilities are areas in which concrete slabs can be prone to attack from leachate and other potentially harsh chemicals. Tarmac was challenged to create a mix design that would resist these attacks whist remaining strong and durable.

Our solution

A team from Tarmac held meetings with the site engineer and are presentative from Propex to come up with a design that would be suitable for the application. The resulting TOPFORCE with steel fibres mix design meant that Tarmac could meet the customer requirements, but also reduce potential health and safety risks by eliminating the requirement for steel mesh on site.

Results and benefits

Using TOPFORCE on this project allowed the contractor to carry out the project more safely, quickly and at a reduced overall cost whilst using a strong material with increased durability.

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Additional info

Faster construction time 

With a typical saving of one man-day per 100m3, Topforce can reduce construction times significantly. Typically as much as 50 days on a 25,000m2 project.

Health and safety

Without the need of ordering, handling and fixing the steel mesh, Topforce fibre reinforced concrete enables a clean and safe site for working. It reduces the health and safety hazards associated with placing steel mesh and moving reinforcement bars and fabric around site. 

Enhanced crack resistance

The fibres within Topforce provide a 3D reinforcement of the full depth of the slab, reducing the risk of drying shrinkage cracking.

Strength and durability concrete for compost facility reducing labour and cost contact

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