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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Major roads


Commenced 2018 for 2 years

The challenge

Tarmac Contracting is currently in the second year of its two year contract with Stockton on Tees Borough Council, with the potential for a further 12 month extension. Tarmac has been continuously carrying out surfacing works and other services for areas within and around the Stockton on Tees Borough Council for almost 15 years.

The services Tarmac carried out for Stockton on Tees Borough Council are primarily proactive, making improvements where necessary to prevent problems arising and keep the network running optimally. Resurfacing carriageway works are planned for strategic locations, often local roads, and undertaken in communication with residents, to remove complications where possible. Tarmac also provide all traffic management requirements for all schemes, including Traffic Management (TM) drawings and diversion routes, offering a complete solution for Stockton on Tees Borough Council. The outcomes shown are examples of Tarmacs innovative and collaborative solutions have been used to minimise distribution and road closure times.

The outcomes

‘Going the extra mile’ often feels like ‘business as usual’ for Tarmac. It is rewarding to reflect on completed works and see the extra efforts that have made a real difference.

The works on the busy A177 was a short-notice scheme, orchestrated by Tarmac, to prevent further road deterioration. Works were completed in just four nights with approximately 3880sqm of 40mm with 10mm CGSC laid under a full road closure and a strategic diversion.

During the heavy snowfall of the 2017/18 winter, snow prevented the contracted team from accessing the site on Thornaby Road, so Tarmac quickly sent in assistance. This meant works continued closer to the expected timeframe and with minimal disruption.

Carriageway resurfacing works were carried out to repair the busy A66/Teesside Park Interchange, the only access road in and out retail park Teesside Park. Tarmac proposed using ULTILOW, a material that performs as well as conventional hot asphalts, is easy to lay and reduces road closure times.

Results and benefits

Tarmac takes a collaborative approach and offers Stockton on Tees Borough Council innovative solutions. Regular board and operational meetings discuss innovation, asset management, best practice and lessons learnt. Innovative and efficient solutions are sought to drive the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP), which encourages highways authorities to improve in these areas across their contracts and supply chain.

The lasting working relationship has built a foundation of trust and integrity between the two parties, and most importantly, ensures the finished products are of the highest possible quality for road users and local residents.

Success is supported by the fact that Stockton on Tees Borough Council has met the Department for Transport Level 3 requirements for Highways Maintenance Incentive Funding, the top banding possible, awarded by evidencing that they are maximising efficiencies and collaboratively working with all stakeholders, thereby affording the best service possible to road users and residents alike. Having the highest banding allows for a maximum share of the funding available.

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Additional info

Positive community

Stockton on Tees Borough Council sent questionnaires out to local residents to gather their opinion on nearby carriageway schemes carried out. The average satisfaction rate was an impressive 95% against a goal of 92%, comfortably on target. This feedback undoubtedly stems from Tarmac’s extra measures and collaborative approach. An example of this is by providing ‘ambassadors’ on schemes to assist pedestrians crossing busy roads, such as Yarm High Street when pedestrian crossings were out of commission; a small action, but one which makes a difference to residents and improves the image of the works.

Nationally recognised quality

Stockton on Tees Borough Council also participates in the annual National Highways and Transport survey, carried out by independent market research specialist Ipsos Mori to collect residents’ perspectives and satisfaction levels. Stockton-on-Tees Highways and Transport services were ranked number one as the country’s best overall Highway Authority for 2017 in the survey. The council also ranked within the top five in the country in many areas, some of which were within the partnership agreement with Tarmac. The teams at Tarmac are proud to contribute towards this national recognition achievement by providing a top quality services.

New opportunities

As part of Tarmac’s strong commitment to creating apprenticeship opportunities in construction, apprenticeships have been formed as part of the contract. It has also given younger Stockton on Tees Borough Council staff the opportunity to visit quarries and ‘live sites’, broadening their horizons and widening their knowledge of the industry. Tarmac have also helped Stockton on Tees Borough Council to manage their environmental considerations - by proposing the use of secondary aggregates at Teesside Steelworks, waste material is recycled, and carbon emissions are reduced through the use of less transport since the material is sourced close by.

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