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Location type

Retail Park



The challenge

Planning requirements for this large retail development dictated that a sustainable drainage solution was required in the form of a permeable pavement for the 5,000m2 parking area. The finished pavement needed to be durable enough to accommodate high traffic volumes, be free draining and comply with the water management requirements of the planning approval. Originally considered was a permeable asphalt however after a visit to a previous TOPMIX PERMEABLE site at High Wycombe the consultant engineer and developer contacted Tarmac Specialist Concrete installations to establish if a Topmix Permeable solution would work on the Biggleswade site.

Our solution

Tarmac worked with the project stakeholders and the design requirements were jointly reviewed against the properties offered by the proposed solution. TOPMIX PERMEABLE can be installed in a single layer, is suitable for trafficking, provides exceptionally high permeability rates, is resistant to freeze thaw and cost effective. Having met all the design and financial criteria the consultant was happy to grant approval for a change to the specification which allowed TOPMIX PERMEABLE to be installed.

Results and benefits

The local readymix production plant set to work in providing the installation team with the continuous supply of concrete deliveries that were required to meet the programme and specification requirements. The local plant offered technical support along with a fast and flexible production and delivery service. When the works were affected by inclement weather, this approach ensured the project was delivered on schedule and to budget. This was in addition to the peace of mind provided to the contractor and developer from the fact that because the surface had been both produced and installed by the team at Tarmac, the financial risk of material failures or remedials at a later date had been removed.

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Additional info

Efficient stormwater management 

Topmix Permeable is a fast draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs storm water off large areas such as driveways, parking spaces and pedestrian walkways.

Environmental management

Topmix Permeable has a high void content of between 20-35%. This allows surface water to drain through into the sub-strata and dissipate naturally.

Varied applications 

Topmix Permeable is a fast draining concrete pavement solution that can be used in many different applications. 

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