Sustainable recycled footpath for canal towpath




British Waterways


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Canal towpath


May 2017

The challenge

British Waterways needed to renovate a stretch of towpath across its West Yorkshire canal landscape. Being primarily used for recreation purposes and situated in beautiful countryside locations it was essential that the completed towpath fit with its surroundings. The client was also keen to use a more sustainable alternative if at all possible.

Our solution

ULTITREC was selected by our client in preference to 6mm gritstone. This decision was primarily for its environmental credentials as a 100% recycled product. ULTITREC is a recycled pathway material produced from selected arisings from highway and maintenance works. It provides a versatile and cost effective surface for a variety of locations such as woodland paths, canal towpaths, footpaths, cycle ways, public parks and golf courses. It could also be layed and completed quickly for a firm and smooth surface finish – suitable for pedestrians and cyclists.

Results and benefits

ULTITREC is a recycled material that is safe and inert with a consistent, neutral appearance that is safe to install and safe for users. The 20mm down solution is easy to handle and compact and so works were completed on time. Material costs were economic and in accordance with the project brief. The client was also happy as the finished towpath was constructed using more sustainable resources. ULTITREC has a natural appearance and so also blended in well with the natural landscape.

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Additional info

Fully recycled product

Sustainable alternative to primary aggregate, made from 100% recycled material.

Safe, inert pathway material

Inert material that is safe to install for contractors and safe to use in a range of environments.

Quick to lay and easy to compact

Versatile recycled aggregate that is easy to handle and compact.

Asphalt contact

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