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Hinckley Rugby Club, Leicestershire



Hinckley Rugby Football Club



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Rugby Club


January 2017

The challenge

The client, Hinckley Rugby Club had recently upgraded their facilities to include new function rooms. They were now planning to upgrade their car park to replace the existing loose planings with a safe, permanent all weather surface. It was a large area of around 4,500m2 and needed to be smooth, even and accessible for disabled users. The site gradient also meant that close collaboration was needed between the ground workers, surfacing contractor and Tarmac’s technical team to minimise the risk of pooling water. After receiving a high quoted prices based on standard pavement construction, the client was keen to explore more cost effective alternatives.

Our solution

Following discussions between Tarmac and the surfacing contractor, ULTIFASTPAVE was proposed in a single 70mm layer on top of a well compacted sub base. ULTIFASTPAVE is a single layer asphalt solution for car parks and link roads that replaces a binder and surface course approach and allows reductions in costs and contraction time. Because of the increased fines and bitumen content the material is typically easier to lay than conventional materials, improving compaction, reducing voids and thereby improving long term durability. This proposal reduced the construction time by half compared to conventional surfacing and generated a £15k saving for the client.

Results and benefits

As expected, Charmac, the surfacing contractor, were able to complete a job in half the time and were very impressed with the workability of the material. The client was also very happy with the outcome: “The product has performed excellently. It is definitely the right product for the job and has added a professional touch to the rugby club development...which stands out in comparison against many at this level. Hinckley RFC would definitely recommend the product to be use for comparable developments.” John Tilley, Chairman, Hinckley Rugby Club.

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Additional info

Cost effective surface for car parks

Using ULTIFASTPAVE as a single layer car park solution helped generate a £15k saving for the client.

Fast, time saving car park surfacing

Using fast, single layer construction allowed the car park to be completed in half the time.

Durable finish

Excellent workability helped deliver excellent compaction for a dense, durable finish.

Asphalt contact

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