Time saving skid resisting road surface on major road

A628 Woodhead Pass between Flouch and Crowden



A-One+/Highways England


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Major road


August 2017

The challenge

This strategically important Trans-Pennine route from the M1 to Manchester, was in need of resurfacing as part of schedules programmes of work. The 16km stretch of single lane carried high traffic volumes and a mix of road users from HGV’s and caravan owners to cyclists. It included hazardous section of road with high skid risk. The work would need to be completed within a limited time window, to coincide with planned emergency repairs to the culvert at Crowden. A conventional approach with surface course and separate high friction surface would involve multiple closures and extended delays.

Our solution

After extensive collaboration with the client, Tarmac proposed ULTIGRIP their durable, long lasting, high skid resisting, bauxite thin surface course. ULTIGRIP is laid like a conventional asphalt in a single layer as a combined surface course and skid resisting surface. This means that work can be completed in one go, saving time compared to conventional high friction surfaces which are added as a separate process after surfacing work has been completed. The integrated single layer also prevents delamination which can be a problem with conventional high friction surfaces.


Results and benefits

Surfacing work was completed as planned, within a single weekend in August, including 660 tonnes of ULTIGRIP laid on the hazardous section of road. As expected there was a significant reduction in programme time which meant cost savings for the client and reduced closures for road users. ULTIGRIP has a long term record of use on the UK road network, demonstrating proven durability, which is expected to deliver significant savings in whole life cost on this scheme. The client was impressed by the speed of completion and quality of the work. They commented that they considered this approach to be the way forward for similar resurfacing work in the future.

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Additional info

Reduced Whole Life Costs

Lower ‘whole life cost’ compared to conventional high skid resisting surfacing techniques when considering typical product lifespans and actual construction costs.

Reduced risk

No issues with regard to delamination at any time, as the 40mm layer acts as one homogenous structure, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and costly legal claims.

Faster completion

Can be laid quickly in a single pass, reducing costs and minimising disruption to road users.

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