Tough, heavy duty asphalt for new recycling plant

Millerhill, Edinburgh



Hitachi Zozen Inova Ag


P J Carey

Location type

Waste Recycling Centre CHP


October 2017

The challenge

A durable, heavy duty surface was required for a large £142 million, 14.1 MW waste recycling and combined heat and power plant that was being constructed at Millerhill, near Dalkeith. The site would process an estimated 135,000 tonnes of waste each year and be in constant use by large numbers of heavy goods vehicles. This meant that the new surface would need to resist heavy point loading and the intense turning forces generated by power assisted vehicle movement. It was also critical that any work could be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to construction work taking place on the rest of the site.

Our solution

After discussions with the project partners, Tarmac recommended ULTICRETE, a heavy duty grouted asphalt. ULTICRETE offers excellent resistance to deformation and cracking from heavy point loading. It is also highly durable and resistant to surface abrasion associated with the movement of heavy vehicles. It has been proven to deliver lasting performance in demanding environments like container ports, bus stations and distribution centres. As the receiving course is laid like a conventional asphalt, it can be installed quickly over large areas. It can also be reopened far sooner than conventional concrete which requires extended curing times. This helps to minimise site closure and operational delays.

Results and benefits

Around 2,150m2 was laid over five days in late September 2017, with the second phase completed during late October. As required, through careful traffic management, construction work on the rest of the site was able to continue for the duration of the work. The surface was opened to site traffic after just 48 hours, meaning minimal disruption and lost time for the construction programme. In addition to the time saving, the client was also happy with the smooth, jointless finish that would be easy to keep clean once the plant was in operation. They commented that they would use the product again on future projects.

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Additional info

Resistance to heavy vehicles

Grouted asphalt offers excellent resistance to damage from heavy vehicles.

Fast completion

Opened to site traffic in just 48 hours, avoiding delays to the construction programme.

Smooth jointless finish

The smooth, jointless finish would be easy to clean and maintain.

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