Velodrome, Bournemouth – A high-performing, specialist, durable asphalt

Slades Farm Velodrome, Bournemouth



Bournemouth Council & British Cycling


Tarmac Contracting

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Slades Farm Velodrome, Bournemouth


May 2011

The challenge

ULTITRACK Velodrome is a high-performing, durable asphalt developed for velodromes. The unique asphalt solution delivers a durable smooth running surface perfect for cyclists. Slades Farm velodrome in Bournemouth is a two hundred and fifty metre long by seven metre wide cycling velodrome with a 64% incline sloped bank. Constructed in two layers on top of a concrete and sub base foundation the resurfacing project had to be delivered within a four week programme. 12 years of product design and a longstanding relationship with British Cycling ensured the challenges of paving on such steep banks were also understood.

Our solution

ULTITRACK Velodrome asphalt has been designed and improved over a long period of time and the resulting finish is unrivalled in UK asphalt surface Velodromes. Tarmac were recommended by British Cycling to also carry out the surfacing works as we were the only proven contractor with the experience and process capability to deliver the track. This particular track is the steepest outside track to be surfaced with asphalt in the UK with an incline of thirty seven degrees. ULTITRACK Velodrome 6mm a proprietary asphalt surface with specialist additives added to improve workability during the extremely slow laying and compaction process. It provided a smooth but dense product with plenty of grip required for holding a bike on steep banking areas.

Results and benefits

The project was completed safely. Tarmac has a specialist team of pavers who complete these works. Two courses of asphalt were laid on the sloped cycle track over 1,750m2. The laying of the track providing a regulating layer, binder course layer and ULTITRACK Velodrome surface course involved specialist processes, with the use of two pavers connected by a frame. The surface is tough, smooth and described as the “best outdoor track ever ridden.”

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