Warm mix asphalt for new link road

Millerhill, near Dalkeith, Midlothian



City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council


Tarmac Contracting

Location type

Link Road


February 2015

The challenge

As part of a partnership project between City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council to build a new waste treatment facility in the Millerhill area of Midlothian, a new link road was required to connect the site to the local road network. Given the high local profile and the sustainable nature of the project, the client was keen that the project met the highest possible standards of sustainability. The project was scheduled for early February, with low seasonal temperatures expected on site.

Our solution

After detailed consultation with the clients, ULTILOW warm mix asphalt was recommended as a base and binder course. ULTILOW is a range of low temperature asphalts, manufactured and supplied to comply with TRL Report PPR 666, within the ‘Warm Mix’ category. ULTILOW asphalts use proven technology to ensure that the material supplied performs as well as conventional hot asphalts, but with the added benefits of enhanced workability, improved sustainability and earlier reopening times to traffic.

Results and benefits

Around 600 tonnes of ULTILOW asphalt base and a further 180 tonnes of binder course was laid over a three day period. The lower energy required during production and smaller carbon footprint helped Midlothian Council to achieve a more sustainable outcome for this project. Their contracting team also commented that they found ULTILOW easy to work with, even in the low winter temperatures experienced during the project. It also helped minimise programme times to help reduce costs and deliver value for local people.

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Additional info

Reduced programme time

Using a warm mix asphalt base/ binder course reduced cooling times between course.

Maintained workability in low temperatures

Despite the low February temperatures, the ULTILOW asphalt remained workable.

Improved sustainability

Smaller carbon footprint due to lower carbon dioxide emissions during production.

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