At Tarmac, our priority is the safety and health of our employees and that of people working alongside us. We continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation very closely and have put an extensive range of precautionary measures in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. 


Peter Buckley
Senior Vice President

A word from Peter

Who could have anticipated the lifestyle changes we have experienced over the course of the Covid-19 outbreak. Whilst progress is being made, there is still much uncertainty, so I am proud that one thing remains constant within Tarmac – our focus on safety and health.  

Due to the ways in which the outbreak has affected our daily lives, we have implemented Covid secure working practices and increased mental health initiatives promoting awareness, kindness and support. 

Throughout the crisis our people have delivered essential work, contributed to our local communities and supported NHS requests for PPE supplies. Vitally we have looked after each other. I have been taken aback by the many great acts of kindness we have witnessed.  

Focusing on our business, we remain vigilant in responding to new Government advise. We have responded to the ‘Building Back Better’ ambition and proudly partnered with initiatives such as the C-19 Business Pledge which aims to harness the power of business as a force for good in tackling the Coronavirus epidemic.  

Our sites and materials

Covid secure working 

A new “Covid Standard” has been issued to all operational sites to ensure the protection of our people and to do what we can in minimising the risk of spread of infection. This standard is intended to introduce consistent measures on sites of all sizes. Key measures we have introduced include a requirement for all our employees and drivers to maintain 2m distancing, high levels of hand and general hygiene and increased levels of cleaning. We have also introduced processes to minimise contact with any paperwork between our site staff , drivers and customers by using initiatives such as our e-Pod ticketless delivery system. We also ask our customers to kindly respect our drivers’ and operatives requirement to maintain 2m distancing when they arrive on site to deliver our products and services. This is for your protection as well as theirs.

Together we can help keep our colleagues, our customers and our families safe.   

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In the community

Tarmac has joined a national campaign to help Britain and its most vulnerable citizens pull through the coronavirus crisis.

Former Cabinet Minister Rt Hon Justine Greening has launched the C-19 Business Pledge, alongside entrepreneur David Harrison. It’s a UK-wide scheme encouraging businesses to join the coronavirus national effort by pledging to go the extra mile helping their employees, customers and local communities get through the crisis.  

The initiative has already received the backing of employers collectively representing almost one million people across Britain. The campaign is also being backed by over 60 cross-party MPs.  

Employers who sign up to the C-19 Business Pledge give their backing to provide extra support in three main areas – their employees, customers and communities. They will not only help Britain through the immediate challenges of coronavirus, but also through its recovery.  

The key pledges are:

  • To support their own employees: this could include practical support and advice on financial security, mental health, personal wellbeing as well as reintegration back into work for those who have experienced an extended period away from the workplace. More immediately, it should include disseminating the latest NHS COVID-19 advice.

  • To publish clear and simple advice for customers. Where possible they could have specialist teams dedicated to supporting customers if they are having problems, such as those facing repayment difficulties and vulnerable customers.

  • Doing what they can to help communities in Britain through the epidemic. Over the coming months we are likely to see a sharp increase in isolation, loneliness, mental health and household financial issues in our communities across the country. There will be an increased need for communities to come together with practical support, such as food deliveries, collections and financial assistance for organisations that specialise in supporting vulnerable people.

Today and tomorrow.... 

Our products and services are used to keep Britain’s roads running safely; in water and waste treatment; on the rail network; in the steel industry; in food and pharmaceutical applications, and in fertiliser and animal feed used by Britain’s farms. These sectors are all playing a vital role in how Britain is responding to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Tarmac will continue to serve the essential supply requirements of these sectors, while operating in strict accordance with government and public health guidance. We will keep this position under review as the situation continues to evolve. 

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