What types of cement mortar are commonly used in building?

There are several different types of mortar to consider, and these are set out below.

Cement mortar

This type of mortar in the proportions of 1:3 to 4 cement : sand is generally only used for foundations and below damp proof course. Please ensure that additives other than lime are compatible for the cement type used with the manufacturer.

Cement: hydrated lime mortar

This has good plasticity and is easy to spread. It also has good water retention and bonding properties.

Air-entrained (plasticised) mortar

This has similar working properties to cement hydrated lime mortar. The entrained air also gives the hardened mortar improved freeze/thaw resistance.

Sulfate-resisting mortar

This type of mortar may be required in some ground conditions or with bricks containing sulfates. Improved resistance to sulfate attack can be provided with Blue Circle Sulfacrete (advice is available on request).

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Last updated:
November 24, 2020