Low carbon concrete

...up to 80% carbon reduction as standard, coming soon.

Concrete has supported the evolution of man for over 2000 years; its durability and resilience are evident across the globe. In many vital applications, there is currently no better performing construction material. Today, as our world is changing to respond to climate and environmental impacts, we need to evolve our thinking when it comes to construction specification.

Low carbon concrete design is already available and proven. In fact, today as standard, we can achieve up to 70% reduction in the embodied carbon of concrete compared to CEM I.


Net Zero

Increasingly, we talk about targets to provide new innovative materials that sustain a healthy environment. Realisation of the urgency to change is driving cleaner ambitions and progress is focused on the need to reduce, reuse and achieve net zero.

Low carbon concrete is available and proven

Bright thinking about the manufacture of concrete and asphalt is already happening and has been happening for years.


The Shard


Low Temperature Asphalt Hertfordshire CC


Olympic Village


Heysham to M6 Link


A160 - A180
Immingham Bypass


London Bridge Station


Low Temperature Asphalt Skanska Devon

Our global Net Zero commitment

We are acutely aware of our role in advancing the global sustainability agenda. As part of our commitment to lead our industry in reducing carbon emissions, we have set a new carbon reduction roadmap, targeting 520kg of net CO2 per tonne of cementitious product by 2030, representing a 33% reduction compared with 1990 levels. In addition, we also have an ambition to achieve carbon neutrality along the cement and concrete value chain by 2050.

Today and tomorrow

Responses to the carbon challenge, often voiced and targeted, are too often hidden behind complex calculation and vague, distorted reporting or ineffective offsetting. If we are truly to reverse the damage, we need the solutions to be transparent.

We are working with customers to support informed choices about materials.







Today we can engineer the right solution to your challenge and deliver transparent carbon reductions in concrete of 70% as standard. Tomorrow we are working on the Net Zero low carbon concretes for future generations.

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CONCRETE is sustainable - up to 80% reduction in carbon as standard.