“I can now pluck roles that excite me,” says red robin, the star of Tarmac’s 2021 festive film  

December 21, 2021

Tarmac’s red robin – aka Hope – is quickly becoming one of the most promising new-wave actors in the film industry and has plans to break into Birdywood in 2022, after landing the lead role in our festive film.

The robin was renamed Hope in a vote by social media followers and employees after the Tarmac film was released earlier this month. With plans to star in a mobile phone app early next year, Hope’s schedule is quickly becoming chick-a-block.

Talking about its newfound fame, Hope said: “During my amdram days, there wasn’t much choice when it came to the roles I was offered. I was always hoping for something more challenging than the local festive panto and feared becoming pigeon-holed.

“Tarmac has given me the chance to soar now that I can pluck the roles that excite me.”

Hope spoke about why it chose to work with Tarmac and why now: “We robins are used to being in demand for the festive season – most of us land minor roles in amdram, on festive cards, or wrapping paper photo opportunities.

So, when Tarmac offered me the film role, I flew at the opportunity. I knew I could get my claws into the script that shows Tarmac’s sustainability commitments and how it gives back to communities. As an actor, it’s important for me to work with socially and environmentally responsible companies.”

With top actors like Mumble from Happy Feet and Red from Angry Birds getting the meaty roles, does Hope see similar roles being available to them in the future?

“A few scripts have fluttered my way, but even being at the top of your game, not all scripts are right for you. I’d really like to star in a hoot-done-it but, ultimately, I’d love a WAFTA nomination.”

Hope adds: “This is not the end of the partnership between Tarmac and me. During the holidays, I will be appearing across Tarmac’s social media platforms and my agent is in talks with Tarmac’s comms team about a fly-in part in next year’s festive film.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Tarmac for trusting me with the role, WPR for casting me and to wish everyone happy holidays – be safe and be kind to each other.”

  Tarmac’s animated robin, Hope, who takes viewers on a tour of some of the company’s successes in the communities in which it operates in 2021.