Local Senedd member and prospective parliamentary candidate visit Aberthaw cement plant

February 20, 2024

Earlier this month, we welcomed Jane Hutt, Member of the Senedd for Vale of Glamorgan to our Aberthaw cement plant. Jane has visited the plant before, but this time she was accompanied by Kanishka Narayan, the Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan constituency. 

Stuart Escott, plant manager, showed Jane and Kanishka around the plant, and provided an overview of Tarmac and its operations across the UK to manufacture and deliver sustainable construction materials and solutions.  

Looking at Aberthaw specifically, Stuart was able to explain the cement manufacturing process, the steps that Tarmac is taking to decarbonise and support the circular economy, and the role Tarmac plays in providing local, durable, sustainable construction materials to vital energy infrastructure projects. 

While significant progress has been achieved already at Aberthaw to reduce carbon emissions, Tarmac last year set out its roadmap to transition to net zero. 

As well as showing the visitors the actions taken so far, the team explained the steps that Tarmac is taking to meet this challenging target. This includes looking at some of the new technologies that will make this possible. 

Stuart Escott, plant manager, said: “We were glad to show Jane Hutt and Kanishka Narayan around Aberthaw, in our role as both a big local employer and as a major producer of essential construction materials and solutions.  

“Cement produced at plants like Aberthaw is vital for green construction projects across Wales and beyond. However, it’s vital that we also continue to work to reduce the carbon generated in its production. We’re proud of the steps we’re taking to reduce carbon on site in line with Tarmac’s wider transition to net zero, and we hope that both Jane and Kanishka enjoyed their visit to Aberthaw to see this in action.” 

Jane Hutt MS said: “It was great to join the team at Tarmac for their visit, who are such a valuable asset to our Vale Community. It was also great to hear about Tarmac’s plans to reduce their carbon emissions and support a more circular economy.”