Modern building techniques sit alongside dinosaurs and medieval history at Welsh castle

November 25, 2021

History – ancient and modern – features heavily at Fonmon Castle in South Wales after Tarmac installed a new exhibit about the construction industry in the castle grounds. 

The education board provides visitors with facts and figures from Tarmac’s Aberthaw Cement Plant, explaining how construction materials are made for building projects throughout Wales.

Delena Harris, conservation officer at Fonmon Castle, said: “Just as the castle has its place in the history of this area, so does the cement plant. Having operated for more than 100 years and employed generations of local people, we felt it was important for site visitors to understand a little more about this manufacturing site – an important contributor to the local economy.”

Aberthaw Cement Plant manager Stuart Escott and environmental coordinator Daniel Bound visited the castle, which is a close neighbour to the cement plant, to see the educational board alongside dinosaur and medieval exhibits.

Stuart said: “It is important for us that we work proactively with the community and get involved in projects where we can. With Fonmon Castle playing an important role in local history, as well as in the area today, we are delighted that we have been able to partner with them on this project.

“We hope that castle visitors will stop and take a moment to read the board and go away with a better understanding of what goes on at Aberthaw Cement Plant.”

Fonmon Xmas is open from November 27 to December 31. To book tickets, visit Daily dinosaur access will reopen in Easter 2022.

Picture – left to right – Fonmon Castle conservation officer Delena Harris, castle owner Nigel Ford, Tarmac’s Aberthaw Cement Plant environmental coordinator, Daniel Bound, and manager Stuart Escott, with the new information board and the cement plant in the background.