Tarmac continues collaboration in Hertfordshire supporting local school car park and playground resurfacing

January 23, 2019

Tarmac has been been working in collaboration with VolkerWessels to resurface Hertfordshire’s Wareside C of E Primary School car park and playground. VolkerHighways carried out the work with Tarmac supplying the materials for the job which saw weather damaged surfaces restored for school which is attended by 46 children.

The school reached out to VolkerHighways, whose head office is located in the nearby town of Hoddesdon. As part of their social value commitment to the communities in which they work, the business offered to resurface the school’s car park and patch the playground. Potholes and uneven ground created large waterlogged areas during heavy rainfall and insufficient drainage systems added to the problem during the winter months.

Martin Wyatt, operations manager at Tarmac, said: “It’s great to see what a difference the job has made to the school and the students. We’re really proud to have worked in collaboration with VolkerHighways to support the communities we operate in and continue to look for opportunities to engage where possible.”

Tarmac, who has a number of operations across Hertfordshire as well as some strong community support initiatives, joined up with VolkerHighways and provided the materials for the work which took place over two days at the start of January, whilst staff and pupils were enjoying their Christmas holidays.

The company owns the popular Panshanger Park which hosts regular events and activities for the local community, whilst supporting and encouraging thriving wildlife and biodiversity. The company also sponsored the popular Tour of Hertfordshire in 2016, the biggest cycling event of its type in the UK which encouraged and educated the community on cycle safety and the importance of fitness and wellbeing.

As the children returned in the New Year, they created a photo album of the works, which was presented to Alistair Thompson, VolkerHighways’ managing director at an opening ceremony, along with hand-written thank you letters:

“Thank you very much for resurfacing our playground and car park. We really appreciate you coming in and giving us your time, to make our school a better environment.” – Reenie, Year 5

“We really appreciate you coming to Wareside in the holidays. We are very grateful that there are no puddles now. When we used to throw a ball it sometimes landed in a puddle and we couldn’t always get it out.” – Libby, Year 6

Image Credit: Image – VolkerHighways’ managing director Alistair Thompson