Tarmac donation offers perfect pick-me-up for litter-loathing Wombles of Quorn

April 25, 2022

A group of civic-minded residents are making good use of the things that they find as they clear up the things everyday folk leave behind in the village of Quorn.

They are organised, work as a team; they are tidy, and they are clean.

Hence, the public-spirited group has proclaimed itself the Quorn Litter Wombles and each is happy to follow in the footsteps of Uncle Bulgaria as they pick up the litter that has blighted parts of the Leicestershire village.

And to help them in their endeavours, Tarmac has provided some much-appreciated litter-picking bag hoops.

Jonathan Knight, a Quorn resident and chief Womble, said: “We are extremely grateful to Tarmac for the donation of bag hoops which make life so much easier for us as we scour the verges and pavements looking for rubbish to collect.

“We are proud of our village and the community spirit of the people who have joined the group.”

Farah Jack, who spends time out picking litter alongside her husband and son, said: “We wish we didn’t have to go out picking up litter; we wish there was no litter at all. We joined at the start of the pandemic for something to do as a family.

“We’re not saving lives like nurses or providing a vital service but every little helps and it is something we can do to get a little exercise, outdoors and as a family. Having the bag hoops makes it much easier to get through a lot more litter picking.

“We have recently carried out several of group litter picks along Granite Way with a haul of over 50 bags plus an assortment of other large bulky items. In total during the last 12 months, we have collected over 250 bags from the village and surrounding area.”

Rob Lees, operations manager at Mountsorrel Quarry, said: “Like the children’s song goes litter pickers go unnoticed and often unseen, so we were keen to help the Wombles of Quorn when they got in touch with us for support.

“It is a shame people don’t always take their rubbish home, so Quorn is lucky to have the Wombles who keep the place clean and tidy.”

Picture: Jonathan Knight and some of the Wombles of Quorn with just some of their haul from cleaning up the village streets.