Tarmac supports ‘Stamp it out’ campaign to protect our roadworkers

October 22, 2020

Tarmac is supporting a new campaign to protect people working on the road network and make it a specific criminal offence to assault highway workers.

The Stamp it Out initiative from Safer Highways is underpinned by a petition to change the law, that requires 10,000 signatures for the subject to be debated in parliament which has already attracted more than 5000 signatures since its launch at the beginning of October.

Road worker abuse is a growing concern on both the local and strategic road networks, as well as in the wider highways and transport sectors. A string of recent incidents has seen roadworkers threatened verbally and physically, including with weapons such as knives and guns with incidents affecting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of workers on an alarmingly regular basis.

Rachel Heaps, Tarmac’s business management systems manager, leads the Stamp it Out campaign taskforce alongside Balfour Beatty’s health and safety director, Kari Sprostanova, who developed the idea initially.

Rachel said: “I’m extremely proud to be working alongside Kari and colleagues at companies throughout the sector who recognise the need for change to protect our people who are doing an essential job to keep our roads running.

“Everyone has the right to feel safe at work – this campaign is a fantastic opportunity for the industry to come together to a make real and long-lasting difference and stamp out roadworker abuse.”

Alongside promoting the petition, the task force’s activity also includes highlighting the need for conflict management training to be provided to key roadworkers and developing an app to support effective collective reporting and incident tracking across the sector.

Other members include David Campbell, HSEQ Director of Eurovia Ringway, James Birch, Managing Director of Kier Highways – Local Authority, Joe Docherty, HSEQ Director of Amey Transportation and Dave Foster, SHEQ Director of Carnell.

To sign the petition and help the campaign reach it’s 10,000 petition goal, follow this link or scan the QR code below.