Tarmac supports Summer quarry safety campaign

July 8, 2019

Tarmac is supporting the Mineral Products Association’s (MPA)‘Stay Safe’ campaign, to raise awareness of the importance of quarry safety, and the danger of swimming in quarry lakes during the summer months.

Quarry lakes can seem tempting, but are often deep and cold, and can contain hidden hazards. Sadly, there is an average of five fatalities each year in UK quarries, involving members of the public, the majority of which are water-related and occur in disused sites.

Stay Safe is part of an ongoing industry focus on improving site safety and protecting local communities around quarry sites, by educating people on this important issue.

The campaign also supports the UK Drowning Prevention Strategy, which has an objective to achieve a 50% reduction in accidental drowning by 2026, saving over 200 lives per year.

The MPA has created resources that can be used by members, schools and the public to promote these important safety messages.

More information on the MPA’s Stay Safe campaign can be found on its website, as well as links to hard-hitting videos on the dangers of swimming in quarry lakes.