‘Transforming the Trent Valley’ awarded £2.7 million National Lottery Funding

January 21, 2019

A Tarmac supported project to revitalise landscapes of wildlife-rich waterways and wetlands has successfully secured a grant of £2.7m from the National Lottery.

The ‘Transforming the Trent Valley’ (TTTV) project is a partnership of 18 organisations working together to restore and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the Trent Valley, with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust leading the project.

Thanks to National Lottery players, the TTTV scheme aims to reconnect people with the rivers and floodplains of the area, increase their appreciation for the local heritage, and involve them in decision-making about the future use of the landscape.

The scheme will undertake a wide range of environmental, cultural and community-led projects within the Trent, Tame and Dove river valleys . Projects will include river restoration, improved access to explore hard-to-reach areas, and creating ways to reconnect communities with their natural heritage.

The project also aims to make land more accessible, with footpaths and cycling paths encouraging communities to learn more about the cultural and natural heritage of the Trent Valley and improving connectivity in the landscape for wildlife. That will be achieved by re-naturalising stretches of the river which have been engineered and creating new habitats for wildlife to thrive.

Julian Woolford, Chief Executive of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Our vision for TTTV is to create wildlife-rich waterways and wetlands at the heart of a resilient, accessible, beautiful and culturally rich landscape and in turn a brighter future for people, business and wildlife in the Trent Valley.

“We’re delighted the next stage of the bid has been successful, and the funding will allow us to focus on one of Staffordshire and Derbyshire’s most treasured landscapes.

“By working with the communities that live, work and play along the River Trent, we hope to build a sustainable landscape that is enjoyed by all and protected for the future.

“In support of the project, Tarmac has proposed  a new public access route at our site at Alrewas.  We have also previously worked with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust to restore the braided river channels next to the National Memorial Arboretum.”

Andy McIntosh, restoration manager for Tarmac said: “ We are really proud to be involved with the TTTV project.  Making a positive contribution to the biodiversity and communities in and around our sites and landholdings is important to Tarmac and we’re delighted to support such a great project for which is bringing real  benefits to the area.”

Image Credit: Views over the Trent Valley waterways