UK’s first all-electric mixer shortlisted for national transport award 

June 23, 2023

The UK’s first all-electric ready-mix concrete mixer, which is now in full operation at Tarmac’s Birmingham Plant, has been shortlisted for a national award recognising innovation in transport. 

The ‘e-mixer’, created in partnership with Renault Trucks and TVS Interfleet, has been shortlisted for the Innovation category at the Motor Transport Awards. The award is designed to recognise new technology or initiatives that drive improvements such as improving safety, cutting emissions and delivering great service.

The new e-mixer is the first of its kind to operate anywhere in the UK with zero tailpipe emissions. With the same average capacity as a conventional diesel vehicle, it is expected to save 42 tonnes of CO2 annually, with zero emissions per mile compared to 1.55 kg of CO2 per mile for its fossil fuel equivalent1 

The mixer forms part of Tarmac’s strategy to develop integrated low carbon logistics. Operating out of the company’s rail-fed Birmingham Plant at Washwood Heath, it builds on Tarmac’s extensive logistics network, which includes over 60 rail-connected sites across the UK. 

Kevin Walker, technical director at TVS Interfleet, which submitted the award on behalf of all three organisations, said: “A lot of hard work from all teams went into creating this, and we’re so proud to have created the UK’s first all-electric mixer. It’s even more gratifying to have this hard work recognised by the Motor Transport Awards, especially alongside some fantastic entries in our category. 

“Our mission at TVS Interfleet is to enable the growth of the commercial and industrial vehicle businesses that use our products. We take pride in leading the modernisation of our industry and pushing it forward for better.”  

Ben Garner, Tarmac’s low carbon logistics lead, said: “We’re delighted that the e-mixer has been shortlisted for this national award. From a winning idea at our Supplier Innovation Challenge in 2020, we’ve worked with TVSI and Renault Trucks to develop and implement the UK’s first electric mixer. People keep telling me they’ve seen the e-mixer around Birmingham. It’s great to know it’s reducing carbon emissions with every journey it makes, and playing its part in improving air quality. 

“Tarmac is committed to innovating and implementing low carbon transport and logistics solutions. Working with our partners on this milestone project has helped to show what’s possible for both Tarmac and the wider sector in our journey to reach net zero.” 

Andrew Scott, head of electric mobility and product development, Renault Trucks UK and Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be part of this outstanding submission for Innovation with Tarmac and TVSI in 2023. This first electric concrete mixer has brought together many innovations which, combined, promise to change the whole mixer sector, not just the electric model which has been the catalyst for the changes.”  

As part of the vehicle’s development, the partnership team created an entirely new digital operating system alongside improving safety measures during operation. The truck also offers reduced noise and vibrations, while contributing to improving air quality, particularly when operating in urban areas and low and zero emissions zones, such as Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone. The e-mixer boasts increased energy savings and has a longer lifespan compared to its traditional internal combustion engine counterparts.  

Prior to being shortlisted for the Innovation category at the Motor Transport Awards 2023, the e-mixer was awarded the BAA Award for Safety and Innovation at The UK Concrete Show in March 2023. 

Tarmac is continuing to work with Renault Trucks and TVS Interfleet to develop the next generation of mixers. The company has ambitions for their eventual widespread use across its urban operations as part of its Act Sustainability Strategy and roadmap to net zero. 

Find out more about Tarmac’s transition to net zero at:  

The Motor Transport Awards will take place in London on 6 September 2023.