Way behind on Warm Mix

February 16, 2021

Warm mix asphalts offer big savings in carbon emissions, but the UK is still way behind the US in the use of this technology.

Despite over 300 local authorities declaring a climate emergency in 2019 and Warm Mix Asphalt getting the backing of The All Party Parliamentary Group [APPG] on Highways in their ‘Working for Better Roads’ a report, warm mix asphalt still represents just 5-6% of asphalt volumes in the UK. This compares to almost 50% in the United States.

Warm mix asphalts generally support carbon dioxide savings of between 8 to 12% depending on plant efficiency and there is no compromise on performance. Using the figures from the report; if all asphalt production in Great Britain in 2017 had been switched to WMA, it would have saved at least 61,000 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of cutting almost 300 million miles of car journeys.

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