Drainage Aggregates

Un-bound aggregates


Graded and single sized aggregates produced to Series 500 - Specification of Highway Works for use as drainage and filter material. Manufactured with crushed rock and gravel.

The products are used in drainage works as pipe bedding, haunching and surround. SHW Clause 503 details the size of the drainage material required which is determined by the pipe diameter. SHW Clause 505 details the aggregates used in filter media. Type B is the most commonly used in sub-soil drainage systems.


Additional info

Aggregates such as gravel and stone improve drainage within soil and around pipes and drains. Available in many different sizes and material types we offer locally sourced materials to suit all drainage and stabilisation requirements. Different sizes of stone and gravel have different uses for drainage purposes. 10mm drainage aggregate is typically used for bedding pipes whilst 20mm drainage aggregate is ideal for soakaways.

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