Harden Red

Red aggregates from Harden, made in Northumberland


The red colour of this aggregate is truly unique.

Harden Red is an extremely popular product due to its versatility. It has a variety of uses, across major infrastructure construction to landscaping borders, garden rockeries and pathways. From traditional to contemporary landscaping, this decorative aggregate is perfect.


Where can Harden Red be used?

Harden Red aggregates for landscaping

Naturally red, these striking aggregates deliver bold aesthetics to landscaping.

Dusty soft in the sun and vibrant in the rain, they’ve a rough, chunky feel that’s great for creating contemporary looks.

Out and out red, these striking stones add a bold splash of warm, brick colour to any garden or landscaping project. The red chippings are naturally durable and provide perfect red colour for applications including driveways, footpaths and commercial locations.

Responsibly sourced and quality assured, we offer nationwide supply.

Harden Red aggregates for construction and major infrastructure

Red aggregates, made in Northumberland

Harden Red aggregates are widely used as a specialist solution for roads, cycle and bus lanes and important landmark or aesthetic and demarcation construction projects.

Ask for a quote. Available in bulk loads or packed.

Why use Harden Red?

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Traditionally, steel mesh has been the material of choice for reinforcing concrete. However, the process is time consuming, labour intensive and with metal prices and transportation costs rising, it is not cost effective. TOPFORCE eliminates the need for traditional reinforcement without compromising performance, strength and durability. Using Topforce fibre reinforced concrete also reduces manual handling and health and safety related issues on site.

Topforce is reinforced with either macro synthetic polypropylene or steel fibres and can be designed to exclude traditional steel mesh reinforcement. Topforce fibre reinforced concrete is not only quicker and easier to place but it also contributes to the durability and performance of the finished construction.

Traditional concrete relies on layers of mesh or rebar to provide crack control and structural strength. To ensure maximum effectiveness these must be placed in exact locations. Even the smallest deviation can result in the concrete being unable to perform to design requirements. The fibres in the Topforce concrete provide 3D reinforcement, hence improving the performance of the concrete.

Available in two formulations, Topforce can be used for any flooring or hard standing application that requires the strength and durability of reinforced concrete. The range includes Topforce MF and Topforce SF and they differ in the way in which each is produced. Topforce MF is reinforced with macro synthetic fibres, Topforce SF is reinforced with steel fibres.

Topforce MF is reinforced with macro synthetic polypropylene fibres compliant to BS EN14889-2:2006 class II to deliver structural reinforcement across a three-dimensional plane to improve: crack control and durability, impact and abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Topforce MF is ideal for all external applications and can also be designed to include micro polypropylene fibres to further reduce the risk of plastic shrinkage cracking.

Topforce MF has many applications including, internal floors (retail stores, warehouses etc.) including heavy industrial floors, external slabs (pavements & hard standings), roads & bridges, airport taxiways and as a highways sublayer.

Topforce SF is reinforced with steel fibres compliant to BS EN14889-2:2006 to increase: crack control and durability, impact and abrasion resistance and optimised joint spacing.

Topforce SF is ideal for large area concrete floors, industrial floor slabs or applications expecting high loads. It too can be designed to include micro polypropylene fibres to further reduce the risk of plastic shrinkage cracking.

Topforce SF has many application including, heavy duty flooring applications (internal & external), civil engineering applications, composite metal decks and jointless floors.

Cycle Lanes

Admiralty Arch

Merthyr Tydfil

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