Asphalt for highways and footways

Base, binder and surface asphalt design to meet highways and footpath asphalt specification. We supply and or contract pave across the UK. 

We designed the modern road surface and today, we are at the forefront of its evolving design. 

Our highways and footpath asphalts offer choice, performance and durability for a wide range of asphalt surface applications. From major improvement schemes and civil engineering projects to domestic use and footpaths. Roads, footpaths and highways construction must consider vastly differing performance criteria  such as, user volumes, maintenance options, traffic and axle loadings, design speeds and sub-soil conditions. Our asphalt solutions and expert contracting or technical teams are ready to support your project specification or installations.

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Asphalt highways and footways case studies 

  • ULTICOLOUR Long lasting colour and demarcation on a central London cycle path
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt Turning old tyres into new roads and reducing carbon emissions
  • ULTILAYER Durable road surface, A58 Clay Pit Lane
  • ULTIGRIP Fast, long lasting replacement of high friction surfacing
  • Ulticolour cycle way Ulticolour, A34 Cycleway, Birmingham
  • ULTILAYER Resurfacing a residential street over poor quality substrates
  • ULTILAYER Preventing reflective cracking and road surface deformation
  • ULTILAYER Fast, single layer resurfacing, Kingston Gyratory re-development
  • ULTILAYER Fast, single layer resurfacing, Stratford Gyratory re-development
  • ULTILAYER Durable resurfacing for concrete overlays,
  • ULTILAYER Durable resurfacing for residential roads
  • ULTIPAVE WITH ULTILOW WARM MIX BINDER Warm mix asphalt with lower carbon emissions
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt Low carbon asphalt incorporating rubber from recycled tyres
  • ULTICOLOUR Ulticolour improves demarcation and pedestrian safety outside primary school
  • ULTIGRIP Durable and fast installation of skid resisting asphalt
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt Rubber Modified Asphalt delivers enhanced sustainability
  • ULTILAYER WITH ULTILOW WARM MIX BINDER Fast, sustainable, single layer resurfacing on a busy London road
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured asphalt for exclusive wedding and event venue
  • ULTILAYER SAMI M25 Junctions 27-30, treatment of thin concrete overlays
  • ULTIDRIVE Resurfacing a busy supermarket and public car park, Billericay town centre.
  • ULTIFOAM and Cement Bound Granular Mixture (CBGM) RAF Waddington, sustainable pavement construction using Ultifoam and CBGM
  • ULTIFOAM A606, Rutland County Council The sustainable recycled road asphalt solution
  • ULTIFOAM Recycle TAR bound contaminated planings using ULTIFOAM in Sheffield
  • Rubber Modified Asphalt Canrobert Street, London’s first recycled road using Rubber Modified Asphalt
  • ULTIDRIVE Car park resurfacing in a busy, town centre supermarket
  • ULTILOW Driving efficiency and reducing carbon on on the A350
  • ULTITREC Sustainable recycled footpath for canal towpath
  • ULTIDRIVE POROUS Fast draining car park surface for college campus
  • ULTIDRIVE POROUS Safe, all weather car park at large brewery
  • ULTIDRIVE Durable car park surface for business headquarters
  • ULTIDRIVE Long lasting commercial car park asphalt for police centre
  • ULTITHIN Cost effective alternative to surface dressing
  • ULTISHIELD Durable, fuel resisting asphalt for busy bus station
  • ULTISHIELD Fuel resisting asphalt surface for service station
  • ULTIPHALT HD Tough, heavy duty asphalt for fire station
  • ULTIPHALT HD HGV resisting asphalt for busy retail park
  • ULTIPHALT HD Heavy duty car park surface for science research centre
  • ULTIPHALT HD Heavy duty, HGV resisting asphalt for business park
  • ULTIGLOW More visible footpath using glow in the dark asphalt
  • ULTILOW Fast resurfacing of a busy roundabout using warm mix asphalt
  • ULTILOW Warm mix asphalt for new link road
  • ULTILOW Warm mix asphalt road resurfacing on the busy M6 motoway
  • ULTILOW Reducing programme times and carbon emissions during road resurfacing
  • ULTILIFE HOTBOX Reducing wasted hotbox asphalt
  • ULTILIFE HOTBOX Reducing operating costs for asphalt hot boxes
  • ULTILAYER SAMI Preventing cracking in evolved roads
  • ULTLAYER SAMI Alternative to full depth replacement of concrete road
  • ULTILAYER SAMI Preventing cracking in concrete based road
  • ULTILAYER Preventing cracking and deformation on busy city road
  • ULTILAYER Time saving road upgrade to install sustainable cycle-way
  • ULTILAYER Durable asphalt for heavily trafficked city road in central London
  • ULTILAYER Time saving, cost effective asphalt for residential avenue
  • ULTILAYER Preventing repeating cracking on country road
  • ULTILAYER Long lasting asphalt for busy roundabout
  • ULTILAYER Long lasting texture on steep gradient
  • ULTIGUARD Chemical resistant asphalt for farm storage clamp
  • ULTIGUARD Chemical resistant asphalt for large silage clamps
  • ULTIGRIP Skid resisting asphalt for steep gradient
  • ULTIGRIP Skid resisting road surface for dangerous s-shaped bend
  • ULTIGRIP Long lasting surface texture on busy road junction
  • ULTIGRIP Time saving skid resisting road surface on major road
  • ULTIGRIP Safe, skid resisting asphalt for high risk road
  • ULTIGRIP Long lasting replacement for high friction surfacing
  • ULTIFLEX Quieter asphalt road surface for busy B-road
  • ULTIFLEX Quiet asphalt for a main road
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Less disruptive road surfacing for prestigious golf club
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Time saving road realignment, busy tourist location
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Fast single layer asphalt resurfacing of a busy rural road
  • ULTIFASTPAVE Time saving car park resurfacing, Rugby club
  • ULTIFASTPATH Resurfacing cracked asphalt footpaths, residential street
  • ULTIFASTPATH Long lasting asphalt footpath for nature reserve
  • ULTIFASTPATH Time saving footpath and cycle path construction
  • ULTIFASTPATH Cost effective asphalt footpath for nature reserve
  • ULTIFASTPATH Replacing cracked flagstones on a residential footpath
  • ULTICRETE Tough, heavy duty asphalt for new recycling plant
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured asphalt for busy adventure park
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured asphalt for retail park
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured estate road surface for traditional housing development
  • ULTICOLOUR POROUS Coloured sports pitch for secondary school
  • ULTICOLOUR Coloured car park surface for a modern housing development
  • ULTICOLOUR Colourful visitor footpaths for a busy leisure park
  • ULTICOLOUR Decorative coastal footpath for nature reserve
  • ULTICOLOUR Decorative coloured asphalt for woodland footpath
  • ULTICOLOUR Decorative coloured asphalt for busy tourist venue
  • ULTICOLOUR Decorative coloured surface for a coastal promenade
  • ULTICOLOUR Lasting durability: 18 years of service on a busy bus route