Cold Lay Macadam

Cold lay macadam for repairs to paths and driveways


Cold Lay Macadam is a cold lay repair solution that is ready to use straight from the bag.

It provides a quick and cost effective repair solution for paths and driveways.

For repairs to roads or car parks, we would recommend using ULTIPATCH POTHOLE our BBA HAPAS accredited cold-lay asphalt for fast, permanent road repairs.

Where can Cold Lay Macadam be used?

Cold Lay Macadam for driveway repairs

Cold Lay Macadam is ideal to be used to make repairs to driveways.

Cold Lay Macadam for temporary ramps

Cold Lay Macadam can be used to make temporary ramps and ramping.

Cold Lay Macadam for pothole repairs

The properties in Cold Lay Macadam make it ideal for repairing potholes.

Cold Lay Macadam for walkways

Cold Lay Macadam is ideal for use in  minor repairs to walkways.

Cold Lay Macadam for footpath repairs

Cold Lay Macadam can be used for making repairs to footpaths.

Cold Lay Macadam for base or wearing course

The properties of Cold Lay Macadam means that it is suitable for base or wearing course.

Why use Cold Lay Macadam?

Additional info

After prolonged storage, it may be necessary to expose the bag of the Cold Lay Macadam to direct sunlight for 1-2 hours prior to opening to loosen the material and restore workability.

The workability of the Cold Lay Macadam will improve if the outside temperature is above 10°C (50°F).

The more rolling or tamping applied to the surface, the better the resulting surface finish.

The material may be prone to marking during early life and warm conditions.

The time taken by the Cold Lay Macadam to harden fully will depend on the degree of compaction and ambient temperature.

Cold Lay Macadam is available in large 25kg bags.

The bags of Cold Lay Macadam can be stored outside. Always keep the bag sealed when not in use.

The shelf life of Cold Lay Macadam means that it can be stored for long periods, in excess of 6 months, under cover.

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